Hello, and welcome to the second Tour de France 2018 dev blog! In here, we plan to tell you about two of the biggest new races coming to Tour de France 2018!

The two races that we'd like to talk to you about today are very famous for their roles in cycling. The first of these races is the classic Paris-Roubaix, a one-day professional road race that starts north of Paris, and finishes in Roubaix, on the border of Belgium.

One of cycling's oldest races, the Paris-Roubaix is famous for its rough terrain and cobblestone courses. Nicknamed "the Hell of the North", the winner of the Paris-Roubaix commonly receives a cobblestone as part of his prize.


These paved sections of the race, known in France as "pavé", are difficult sections for riders not accustomed to the tough terrain. If you have a rider that is adapted to them (with high stats in Pavé), however, that cyclist can take advantage of these race segments to create a gap with the peloton, and surge into a breakaway.

The Paris-Roubaix finishes in a large stadium, with the final legs of the race taking them on two laps around the stadium's track.

The second of the new tracks coming to Tour de France 2018 is the World Championship, which this year is hosted by Austria for the third time in history. For the first time in TDF, this will be where players can play as the national teams for all the participating countries, as well as some unofficial continental teams!


In Tour de France 2018, the World Championship track begins with a flat race, as a tense battle for positioning, before entering the city the city of Innsbruck, leading players in a tense circuit with several laps around the city itself.

As these laps come to an end, the race turns into a battle against the mountains and gravity itself, as cyclists compete to see who can most effectively conquer the steep inclines of the Alps, six times in a row.

All that toil will pay off, for the rider that comes out ahead, who will receive the coveted rainbow jersey as his victory spoils![alt text](image url)

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