BO4 Hype

Anyone else get even more hyped for sandstorm after watching the terrible sh*t that was the BO4 release trailer.... I can't wait for this game... hurry up Devs!!

Sit tight! NWI and FHI are planning to reveal more information about Sandstorm during this year E3 press conference.

Yeah..... I just can't get into those types of twitch shooters. Add to that all of the perks, silly tech, bullet-sponge mechanics, etc. and color me unimpressed.

I just hope Sandstorm pans out as a much more mature shooter as I think it will be. ....with more realistic movements, etc. rewarding more carefully thought out movement rather than "run & gun". I plan on watching some Insurgency game play to get an idea of what Sandstorm will be like.

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