BO4 Hype

Anyone else get even more hyped for sandstorm after watching the terrible sh*t that was the BO4 release trailer.... I can't wait for this game... hurry up Devs!!

Sit tight! NWI and FHI are planning to reveal more information about Sandstorm during this year E3 press conference.

Yeah..... I just can't get into those types of twitch shooters. Add to that all of the perks, silly tech, bullet-sponge mechanics, etc. and color me unimpressed.

I just hope Sandstorm pans out as a much more mature shooter as I think it will be. ....with more realistic movements, etc. rewarding more carefully thought out movement rather than "run & gun". I plan on watching some Insurgency game play to get an idea of what Sandstorm will be like.

@kean_1 The Insurgency standalone game was a mix of both. Sometimes, you can sprint in a room, spray down a whole room with out aiming down the sights and get away unscathed. Sometimes you do that and get immediately shredded by 4 guys. The reverse is also true, sometimes you move very slow and calculated trying to sneak up on someone and you can get 2 or 3 guys before anyone knows what is going on. Sometimes a dude sprints behind you mows you and your friends down and keeps running around. The game is beautiful in that your playstyle is very much fluid. You have to change sometimes. Sometimes you need to slow walk and avoid shooting to keep quiet, sometimes you lay a whole mag into a window and clear out a whole nest. You can play whatever way you want to, but just know, from a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being complete military accuracy, sitting for 3 hours on a hill waiting for enemies, and 1 being quake, its like a 4. Its ttk makes it very quick and thus super fast charges and random sprays can be rewarded. On the flip, if you can get 3 guys behind enemies while being very sneaky and smart, you can absolutely wreak havoc. Its all up to you