Vehicle Presentation: Introducing the B-6A!
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The Ridge is a brand new free DLC coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on May 29th, 2018. This second DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including two new vehicles, a new map, and a brand new game mode - Scavenge. The new map, The Ridge, will feature a ridge that splits the map in two, and will require players to scout a route, and then make their way over the mountain.

In the lead-up to The Ridge's release, we're bringing back the Vehicle Presentation to talk to you about the awesome new vehicles coming to the game in the free DLC! This will also be a great place to ask questions about the vehicle specifically, how it handles, and the niche it fills.

Vehicle Description

A vehicle more than able to pull its fair share of tonnage, the B-6A is the smallest tractor to appear in Spintires: MudRunner. Slight, and with minimal offroad capabilities as a rear drive only vehicle, the B-6A is able to recalled, just like A-type vehicles.

Game Stats

Featuring a fuel capacity of 120 litres, and able to take up to 600 points of damage, the B-6A is a tough little tractor, more than able to hold its own with the larger vehicles. This small, recallable tractor will likely be your new source of scouting on new maps.



The B-6A is more than able to pull its weight in add-ons, and can be recalled, like it's A-type counterparts.


A rear-wheel drive vehicle, the B-6A struggles with off-road terrain, making it risky when tackling water or deep mud.


  • Fuel Cannisters - Able to carry 120 literes of Fuel

  • Fuel Trailer - Able to carry 900 litres of Fuel

  • Utility Trailer - Able to carry 300 litres of Fuel, and 400 Repair Points

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RWD only and tiny tiny front wheels... That will be tough 🙂

this is so cool I can't wait for it

RWD and tiny front wheels.. drag tractor! It shall happen. I shall make it 😉

Hope that fuel tank is hooked on sturdy, looks like it could tip over in the slightest breeze lol.

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Not sure about hinge, but that picture looks like something from Cobra 11 opening 😂

Not familar with Cobra 11 too much, isn't that an old German police show?

I‘m kind of disappointed that it‘s not able to carry any logs. In my opinion a tractor should have a lot of trailers to choose from since this is the main purpose of a tractor. I‘m still excited for it but it will sadly have limited use

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Yes yes, cars traveling at high speed, flying over stuff due to strange reasons, lots of huge crashes etc.
Youtube Video

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So it’s just a bumpy supplier and scout vehicle
Will See what he is cappable of

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Hi all!

This previously said that this vehicle is the first tractor to appear in Spintires: MudRunner - this was an issue of semantics, and has now been changed to be more accurate 🙂

I wonder what kind of tractor its based off of like an old ford or something.

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I think it's based on a Belarus tractor MTZ 80 or something. alt text

Really exciting stuff about that tractor! Can't wait!
Only question I have about these vehicles in general, is how you got the models?
Because, for example in The Valley, that ZAZ-969 or this tractor in the upcoming The Ridge, were already made as mods. Have you just modified those models, or have you built them from the ground up? Many thanks!

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@8x8 I don´t think focus will use other mods. just look at the quality and details

@Alpscruiser Thanks, you're probably right, yet look at pictures 6, 7 and 8 from this Spintires mod, I think apart from the grille and textures, I think that and the new B-538 look identical.

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