Solo League Game Ending in "Friendly Match"

Been having this issue fairly often now... some of my matches skip the post process altogether and "Friendly Match" displays at the top left of the screen. No money. No SPPs! It's really starting to add up (or not add up, actually) on my teams over time.

I heard that having a full Match Replay library can cause this, so I empty out all of the replays before any matches. Problem persists.

Please advise. Thanks!

PS4. Legendary Edition.

Hello, in what kind of competition? Solo or Eternal league?

Thanks so much for your response.

I'd had this experience in solo but having moved into the Eternal leagues it's happening very often. Last four out of five games I've played have all resulted in a Friendly Match. Can't find any common denominators for causing it as this has happened with different teams.

Love this game and I play it anyway. This glitch just adds a sting at the end of the experience. Please advise!