*DEEP CUSTOMISATION SYSTEM*? Uhh... I feel cheated.

So there's a few new bells and whistles for gear. Okay. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SKILL TREES?

ONLY FOR SP? Seriously? Was it THAT hard to make tiered skills every 5 levels? Or have an actual SKILL TREE a la MMO-Style tech trees? Why feel the need to add so many great things, and then deny people the ONE CUSTOMIZATION ASPECT THAT WAS WANTED?

I don't know about everybody, but the majority of people I've spoken to wanted SKILL TREES! FOR MP! PER CLASS!

And it isn't like that's even hard to do! And it's the most intuitive thing you could possibly do. But no. Let's force skill trees to ONLY BE SP... right Streum On? FHI? WHO'S IDEA WAS IT TO EXCLUDE THIS?

Honestly... I don't even understand what could possibly have gone through your heads... or what didn't go through your heads...

Me and my friends have been waiting for this update since December 2017.

Really disappointed by this as well, the stupid broken multiplayer system has not been changed at all, still only have the option of playing with or without codex rules, neither of which are actually practical.

I was hoping they would merge the codex rules and non codex rules and be done with that stupid system, instead they kept it and have the customization menu separate from the multiplayer game.

it just seems like a really bizarre way of doing it. I am a huge fan of E.Y.E. a previous game made by Streum On and my friends and I were all hoping it would be a customization system vaguely similar to the one in E.Y.E.

Would love to see a skill tree, or the ability to put skills on other classes, or the removal of classes all together and a multiplayer system like the singleplayer one at least. As it is now, you can't play the game without an Apothecary, which means someone HAS to play that class even if they don't want to. Name one other horde type survival game where a class is MANDATORY.

Just really disappointed by this update, especially since we waited over 5 months for what is essentially just some cosmetic changes to the game.

From what I have seen Streum On is capable of much more, much better quality stuff than this, but now I'm not sure if my faith in them was misplaced.

you don't need an apothecary especially if you have 1-2 people with a rez. you get free healing at each finished objective. or you could play without codex mode, where you can switch on the fly to heal, if somebody really wants to avoid a rez-heal (getting yourself killed to be rezed as full health).