Codex rules??


Sorry I've read something about this "codex rules" option but i can't remember what it does and i can't seem to find out what it is.

Could you somebody refresh my memory please?


Codex rules means you cannot change class or equipment during the mission however all skills and equipment are/is unlocked at the beginning of the mission. Basically a more true depiction of being deployed.

Respawns take 4 minutes as a consistent amount.

If codex rules are off you work on a temporary 1-7 level system, you level up to unlock equipment/skills per class but you can change class and equipment at any time. Respawn times depend on level (I think) starting at 30 seconds for a Level 1.

Hi Link000,

Thanks for the reply and I appreciate the info, still playing the campaign at the moment, so i'll to try that out :-).

I assume you can use the Pysgate to teleport to the safe zone to change equipment and heal if your a Librarian still?


Actually no, not in Multiplayer. Definitely need to rely on the Apothecary or yourself if you are one 😛

Once you complete an objective you can head back to the armoury to heal as a Psygate opens for you but not in between.

Oh right OK, well that actual makes more sense to do it like that.

Thanks for that :-).

So, really the main thing your unlocking in multiplayer isn't the weapons, it's the attachments, banners, armour, perks, etc if the Codex rule is on, which by default it is ON?



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