Some suggestions of improvement for the future

Hi all. I got my hands on the PS4 version yesterday and so far I am very pleased with the game. I also read on the forum that a patch for fixing some minor PS4 performance issues is on the way, which is great.

Once the necessary fine-tunning and patching will be over, I still think there are many areas where the game could be greatly enhanced with some detail-tunings and polishing. Here are some :

  • Some sounds are of very low-quality, imho. I'm thinking of the sound of a broke door or of the firing sound of the plasma cannon. They feel cheap and not representative of the their cause (the plasma cannon sounds like a pew pew pistol...). Many sounds in the game could be changed, thus improving the atmosphere of the game (on the plus side, Genestealers' screams are terrifying).
  • It should be possible to cancel a Psygate during its launch.
  • Health bars of both yourself and your allies could be more intuitive. Instead of a half-circle, why not a vertical bar? That way, it would be more easy to gauge your health.
  • A bit more lore details could be great. For example, when you enter into a ship, it could be great to have 4-6 lines of that ship history, his mission or his destination and the date of his disappearance. When I enter the Hand's of Cadia, I want to know here that ship was headed! Similarly, Minor Relics could have at least a name, and maybe 1-2 lines of description.
  • On console and on a TV, some fonts are ridiculously small.
  • I find the Order Menu confusing, especially when I have to toggle between the two other squad members. Is there any way to improve it? I don't know how it plays on PC, but there are definitively rooms for improvement for the console.

There you go! Good work for the devs on this game.

Having played it extensively there's a few pertinent issues I could add;

  • There definitely needs to be texture fixes. The main example of this I have is weapons, in customisation some textures refuse to load/resolve and this can/does translate while using them.

  • Some of the commands in Multiplayer are wrong. When I command to attack an enemy (Usually to draw attention to a Broodlord) the Terminator states to break open a door...
    On this subject, we could use more commands, like something to indicate "Skill not ready". As an Apothecary, people need to understand my skills need to recharge πŸ™„
    Others like cover me, thanks or good job would be cool but not exactly necessary, I just find team spirit is good.

  • In the Multiplayer menu, you cannot scroll down the list of servers/hosts. Or atleast, I have found no way to do so.

I've also had a few crashes, failed loads and even a session where my Terminator could not do any damage πŸ˜•

None of which takes away my love for this game though, solid effort and the developers should be proud of their work. Here's hoping to future support and hopefully some more content/DLC.

The low res textures issue is known and being worked on. Same for the multiplayer scrolling.
For the rest, your ideas and suggestions have been noted.
Thank you guys for your feedback!

You do know that there are about 8 Side-Storylines hidden throughout the game? There are screens on every Ship that let you read the protocols, so there is a story behind almost every vessel that you can uncover by not rushing πŸ™‚
I actually think thats one of the great points about SHDW, while the main story doesnt feel like a complete one.

I think the assault good be louder, seems a bit quiet :-(.

The Vengeance is nice a loud though and sounds pretty sweet :-P.

Is there a perk to give the assault cannon and Vengeance a reduced time to spin up before firing??


Not that I can see James, best to just keep your finger on the trigger really.

Both are godly with less recoil and extra magazine though 😁


While you're at it, I have a few suggestions of my own for the PS4 version πŸ™‚

  • A way to view the skills, weapons, and other information about Multiplayer classes all in once place, without having to boot up your own Multiplayer Lobby, would be nice.

  • There should be a way to view the Playstation profiles of your multiplayer teammates while you are in a game. This would seriously be helpful for people who aren't on your friends list, making it easier to invite them into your Playstation Party Chat

  • Having a way to invite your friends or others into a Multiplayer mission once the mission has started would be a nice convenience as well. Currently, I only see a way to invite a friend into my lobby before the game session has begun, but having a way to do that once I've started roaming the Space Hulk would be swell

Thanks again for listening and taking our feedback!

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And we need a way better AI for your teammates in Single Player.. and it would be cool if you could change your team mates in Single player special missions.. other than a heavy and a healer.. Thanks for a great game .)

On consoles, toggle sprint.
Ability to swap ads R3 with melee L2, depends on character.
Add 'screen size adjustment' i can't see the edges of the screen on ps4

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100% Agree for the Cancel PsyGate. Playing with a XB controller on PC, the "back" button is most of the time linked to "world maps" in games... pretty strange to put it on the D-Pad Right. Also agree with the Left Stick Run toggle option to fit keyboard behavior.

Adding also :

  • Photo Mode allowing to pause the game if playing solo (or at worst, "preview with no HUD" when I customize my favorites). Yes, I love photo modes in all games.
  • Stay in the Matchmaking Menu if we fail to join or "sorry, full", instead of going back to the Main Menu.
  • In Matchmaking, please fix the scroll bug if using a controller and the list of sessions continues outside the window. It works with the mouse wheel, but the highlight bar moves outside if using a controller without scrolling.

@apathion not rushing is a luxury at best in any iteration of SH, as asking genestealers and their ilk to politely refrain from eviscerating you and your squad while you peruse the data logs can sometimes be met with hostility lmao

@psyco absolutely! Any game being made these days without the option to configure all controller inputs is behind the times and in reality lazy game design. Not a difficult or lengthy coding task and absolutely very much a commonly needed/used/requested function. Similarly with all options they need at least basic description of what it is exactly they are changing so that coupled with peoples modern display settings, that a desired effect can be achieved as fast as possible.

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In regards to perks, the assault use to have 3X more stamina by default, now its not. I think taking that away further takes away from that class, and using it as a perk is something that feels under powering as a perk. Should this not already be a thing for being assault? Its hard enough as is playing an assault. Regardless this is stretched across other classes like the bio scanner. I see what your doing, but it takes away from the players who already had these things, Im happy to see the changes btw, and to make sure you actually read this, I have encountered a bug dealing with respawn, being that if your last man dies at the same time as an ally who is respawning, the rest of the team's respawn timers will freeze. Codex rules are off.

Another suggestion for an improvement in the campaign is that when the quick order menu is activated, all the play pauses as this is the only way to reflect the way it would be done in the reality of the commanding/commanded terminator. I’ll explain - all terminators would have the map displayed in their visor as well as the general display that is shown upon selecting quick order, but the actual orders would be spoken and received with rapid transfer, no having to clumsily fumble with a cursor and actually place q way point etc which is what happens in the game, so therefore the the stoppage of time and then instant resumption will accurately portray as best possible the way it would be, time wise. Only having a true voice command option would be more accurate. As it is it’s just a clusterf$@k!

@link000 said in Some suggestions of improvement for the future:

Not that I can see James, best to just keep your finger on the trigger really.

Both are godly with less recoil and extra magazine though 😁

Haha that's I was thinking, I might add reduced recoil and extra mag to both them πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

I would propose a greater commitment to the Singleplayer - which is somewhat lacking in any depth.

  1. Greater Customisation of AI Squad, equal to that of MP. So able to choose the cosmetics, Armours etc. More options for customising their loadout.
    You would feel more attachment to them if you have more control over the way they looks and what weapons they use.

  2. Deployable Sentry Turrets would be fantastic in a game like this. So you could strategically place them

  3. Adding the command to tell your Ai squad-mate to watch or cover a particular direction. As them facing the wrong direction when a swarm of Genestealers is coming in is a persistent problem. As reaction times are crucial.