I really enjoy the Enhanced Edition, but I still got a question and
I feel kinda dumb asking this, but:

What are the Banners for and how would you deploy one?
I unlocked one for the Heavy Weapons Terminator and now I've no idea what that did for me...

I looked for an answer ingame and here in the forum, but found nothing, aside from something about them being a deployable item and that they are just cosmetic.
But neither do I see a key/button to deploy one, nor is there any indicator ingame about their use, as far as I know.

At first I thought they might be a cosmetic bit on the backpack of the Terminator, but that doesn't seem to be the case either.

Please enlighten me, someone.

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Have one for the Apothecary myself. As far as I can tell, they have no effect other than just literally being there.

You can equip one and use the command wheel to place it during a mission but apart from aesthetic and/or being in the way, it's useless.

Had hoped for some small AOE skill, like with the Apothecary based flag it would offer a small health regen within a few feet.

Ah, thx alot mate! 🙂

Well, I guess I'll spend my next renoun on something a bit more usefull then.

I actually hoped it would be like this:

But I guess that wouldn't work so well, because of heigh issues/clipping.

I agree that banners should give some sort of bonus. Otherwise they are kinda "useless".
In the heat of battle I wouldn't plant the thing, unless it has some use.

I mean we are Terminators, right? Not Decorators. 😃

Haha, took that phrase to heart right away and focused on what customisation could DO, not just how it looked. Some really good armour bonuses, ammo capacity upgrades and the reliability modules help in a pinch. I even have a perk that allows my health to constantly regen. More useful for gameplay, only then did I splash on skins.

Yeah, I noticed those also right away.
At first I was going for the reliability module, because I hate jamming, but then curiosity took the better of me. 😂

I don't understand exactly the point about banner. Terminators don't carry it but can plant it with tactic menu, but with no effect ? That's it ? lol

Edit: i don't see where they can be activated in multi games, specific level needed ?

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I have no idea either. Unfortunate, as the mechanic had potential. Could still be used.

Once you earn/buy one, equip it. Then during a mission if you're at a location it can be planted, hold R1 and it should show at the bottom od the command wheel. You must be facing a ground location.


ok thx a lor mate, i have played the game on pc and haven't played the ps4 yet (have both), so for you R1 is probably use key.
Would be nice that dev add an AoE to reward the fact of having glorified Emperor's name on a specific place ! Maybe a few regen ability or attack/defense bonus, or ennemy vision (infiltrated, etc)

The idea to carry the banner on back like in the pic above calls some reflexion too. Could give a great visual effect. However it should be limited at 1 character of the group (4 banners sould be curious...)

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I play on Pc.

How exactly do you "equip" the banner. I can't seem to find that....

you just clic on it, then to plant it, u go on command menu and target the ground
pretty easy