Hi there.

I was on my CP 55, doing some tests with the MANTIS set and the Blue X-Cables.
The first one reduces energy cost of injectables by 25% and the last one by 10%.

The Mechanized Counterweight cost 12 energy. (12-4,2=7.8) 8 with the set bonus and implant. When used with 16 energy, 8 are left.
But I can still use it with 7 energy. While the "energy bar indicator" is red and above my energy generated.
If the energy bar isn't precise enough to calculate the decimals, it's ok but... It's still costing less than it's supposed to.

The Medi-Voltaic Injection v.3 cost 24 energy. (24-8,4=15,6) 16 energy with the set bonus and implant.
And it is confirmed. When I use the injectable with 18 energy ; 2 energy is left.
But when at 16 energy, the "energy cost indicator" is red. I can still use it.

It's not over. I can also use the injectable with only 14 energy. And that is not in the domain of the decimals anymore. It's 2 whole energy points ! And that is not ok.

My only answer to this, is that I have not generated 14 energy, but 14,x . And it is considered by the game as 15.
Also, even by costing 16, the true result is 15,6. Therefore, the game might be allowing the usage at what is considered 15...

It's not clear at all and the "energy cost indicator" is still misplaced.

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