First time playing......

I just bought the ps4 version yesterday, this is the first time I’ve played the game and I’ve gotta say that it’s really come across so far as quite average. The customisation menu looks great when it actually renders properly, but as far as the ingame graphics, they seem like ps3 quality at best. Similarly with the sound quality. The tutorial is very poor, and really does bugger all to tutor the new player in much of what they need in the actual campaign. Then let’s get to the tactical map and quick order menu - really? Have they been literally thrown together or were they subcontracted out to a room full of monkeys? Having owned the original board game of SH I fully understand the nature of playing as a Terminator being outnumbered and virtually doomed but the complete hectic nature of the way this game feels, gives the full impression of a clusterf&@k in game design over the intensity of how it should feel. All this after the game has been out on PC for quite a while and it leaves one thinking that the devs are just slapping out games without much of a care as long as they receive their pay and then on to the next crap bucket. With luck, many of these could/can be improved on at least but unfortunately I still have a foul taste in my mouth from the shambles that is BB2 from some of the same teams involved here so I dont hold my breath. In truth I’m gutted as I was really hoping for the game to have a feeling like some of the trailers inferred.

Same publisher and same company that owns the IP, different developers.

Still better by far than the standard of most 40K games and undoubtedly will improve over time. For Streums first attempt at the franchise it's definitely worthy.