Storm Bolter and the MK. II are really bad compared to everything else?

Have anyone else went for a fully upgraded Bolter/Bolter MK. II ?
playing on Lion's sword difficulty mostly

Storm bolter dmg barrel (x% seems to be more than 20% ?)
20% ranged dmg perk

any other weapon feels superior even unmodded.

storm Bolter dmg barrel
20% ranged dmg perk
20 points of armor perforation special perk

can't really tell any change compared to the chaplain tbh, still feels very bad compared to hellfire/redemption that will just 1 shot most things. I can see that stats on the Storm Bolter, but it doesn't feel like it performs any better.

The armour piercing perk does work but best on the white nids and anything armoured like broodlords, turrets, warriors etc. I've tested this extensively. Get the more damage mod and the armour piercing perk and you'll see the difference.

Yup I have upgraded my Storm Boltor dmg barrel, upgrades with the 20% ranged dmg perk + reliability and ammo capacity for my Chaplain. Yep I feel the Boltor is quite underwhelming.

The Redemption stats are quite misleading, since it shoots pellets its shot deals a lot of damage and can 1 shot most enemies, far more effective in most situations on the cramped space hulk. I'm also not sure about this but it seems the pellets also penetrate through multiple enemies which adds even further to its value in clearing hordes.

On the topic of other weapons which the boltor competes against: I think the Spear of Caliban far out performs the boltor, there is the feature on the SoC aiming reticle which adjusts to the enemies head if it is within the circle. However I guess it can be argued that the weapon is really suitable for when friendly fire is off.

I personally like the sniper like accuracy on the storm bolter for those pesky hybrids and far away turrets

I DID have both the dmg and the armor perf mods on, ofcourse there was a dmg increase but the hellfire,redemption,spear and flamer will just outperform the bolter in almost every situation.

Luckily there is no need to even equip the Crozius Arcanum as a chaplain, so you can use the SoB/Flamer/Redemption over the bolter, and that is probably why you see the majority of the chaplains using spear or the flamer (atleast that is how my games have been)

if they added 20 armor perf and extra 50-100% bolter dmg from the perk, it might be viable on tactical and apothecary

The bolters are fine on easy. They are underpowered on No Mercy difficulty and are entirely absent from meta-familar players at that level. A balance pass is definitely required.

Could they slightly speed up the shots per second for Boltor and MK2 to make it more competitive?

Crozius seems like it needs a buff.

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Increasing it's base armor perf would make it more viable imo

I use the Storm Bolter on No Mercy and find its accuracy for taking out hybrids invaluable, especially Psykers.

Playing ias Apothecary, I'm largely support so leave larger 'nids to others but as long as I go for head shots I can take any other 'nid down easily enough. Although I do often have to pile in with my Narthecium.

In the closed beta we used to do NO Mercy all bolter runs and yes it was hard as hell but it's doable with them all modded out. The bolters are more of a support type weapon to take out the sniping hybrids or far away turrets and the like. For example if you get the tactical perk "strategist" which gives you armour piercing AND 30% faster powerfist punches, it's almost OP. Even if you don't kill them with the bolter you just punch them out. Or what I like to do if I'm mixing it up with multiple nids close up is punch, fire a burst to disrupt the nids attack then punch again to take them out. It's crazy, I can take on like 5 nids myself and barely have them get a shot in because I'm using the bolter to disrupt their attack or finish them off.

The bolters are really used for precise bolter fire on high value targets like psykers, heavy stubbers, snipers, etc. Or to soften up a bunch of long range enemies. It's not really meant to mow down enemies that's where the heavy's come in. The other weapons like the spear of caliban and redemption, etc. are more point defense weapons where they can put out alot of fire and damage quickly but are not suitable for sustained fire. It's really how you use the weapon will determine it's effectiveness.

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I tend to agree with OP,the bolters need some love.
most MP games i host on hard or higher makes the bolter obsolete and a liability for most teams.
i would like to run a bolter/assault cannon only grp,as im getting a bit jaded with the hellfire /plasma meta,mainly because of the lack of vision they create when things get close.but the bolter,even upgraded to max with all availble perks ,is still unlikely to keep the horde back sufficiently enough to give you a fighting chance.

i certainly am enjoying the improved version of the game and hope for some more content to come

in short,the bolter needs a bit of a boost to keep it viable in the MP

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I totally agree with you.
I have no idea on how they could do it, but ... Maybe unlock (and add!) heavy bolter on higher difficulty ?
The addition of laser, gravgun and autocannon could also help a lot.
Or just add multiple levels for the same perk ? (perk damage I / II / III > increase bolter damage by 20 / 40 / 60% etc : rinse and repeat for all the perks).

BTW, i feel a bit force-locked on the hellfire on nomercy. I'd really like to be as half-efficient with a stormbolter or a redemption fully upgraded.

@ruuz remembering it is a standard weapon class so comparing it to anything other than variants of the same base is not a true comparison, especially against true Heavy Weapons. Also changing the fire rate makes it unrealistic as far as staying true to the 40K universe stats, similarly with characteristics like penetration unless stipulating said changes were for instance - ammo type variants. The simple and also lore correct solution, I believe, is to give the bolt it’s missing trait, that of the explosive end result which here is lacking in sound, visual and resulting damage effects. A small high explosive boom as is the hallmark of bolt weapons could make up for its lack lustre performance without making it a generic alternative to the heavies. This would please most of the different views I feel, and bring a modicum of Adeptus Astartes flavour to the T’s.☠💀☠

Comparing to other weapons, stormbolters seems to be more about precision. Why do headshots feel to have such a minor impact then?
Why is its stopping power so bad?
Why can't I notice any effect from the damage upgrades?

@sahansral I’d guess that in the difficulty modes above the medium level it’s the statistics of the xenos that are boosted and it seems that the weapons stats are the same if not only slightly altered. I’ve only put limited time into the extreme difficulties so far but with more free time I’ll be up to the greaves in ‘nid fillings.

Why not add Kraken Bolter Rounds as upgrade for the ammo that simply gives a flat +10 armor pen upgrade for the Storm Bolter and the MkII?

@steakboy1 I'm not sure. I thought I read here that the damage done to the xenos stays the same throughout all difficulties. This may be correct or may not...I don't know.
Lacking any info like a wiki or numbers provided by the devs, I can only say, that fore me number of kill shots required seems to be constant. Difficulty only seems to influence damage done to terminators plus number and quality of spawns.

@sahansral that’d be the best in my personal opinion as it keeps things within the spirit of the 40K universe by maintaining all of the things as standard and just adds sheer weight of numbers to the equation. When it comes down to it, Space Hulk has always been about death, whether it’s the multiple ‘stealers that need to slick the floors with their alien blood just to reach the hulking doomed Terminator, or the eventual future of the majority of Terminators that enter such a derelict vessel. The history (lore anyway) has never had it any other way. I have never heard of a Space Marine cake walk in a Hulk nor even a stand up battle. The very nature of sending in such an illustrious company as the revered and grizzled 1st, should speak volumes of the upcoming battle and the inevitable outcome. Bring on the swarms!

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About Bolters and Redemption, two different weapons that I like. These depend on the area where you are, change
tactics. It happens to me that in many situations I need those weapons but I don't carry them... dammit.
With the big Genestealers ... bad option but for the rest are fine, improved of course. As we said here are support weapons.
Anyway, Bolters might need something more ...

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I feel that the standard bolter doesn’t have as good stopping power as the bolter MK2 so Steakboy1’s suggestion of being more in line with the lore and causing a mini explosion like a missile should - to push back nids a little bit - might be good. I tried perforation 20 Apo perk and bolters work quite well on ‘no mercy’ even without more damage customisable add ons on top, tho mk2 seems better.

Then again, not to stagger like a plasma, which is a bit OP imo and shouldn’t continually stagger the bosses, coz that’s too much.

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