Helmet Toggle - Tactical Marine - Lightning Claws

Helmet Toggle:
In case you haven't been reading the steam forums or watching youtube videos. Some others and myself included would really like the option to toggle our helmets. Just posting here so you can see it.

Tactical Marine:
Also, tactical marine really needs a buff in my opinion. Chaplain does everything better and has the same weapons. Perks are a bit different but there isn't anything that really makes the tactical marine stand out.




Lightning Claws
Lightning claws also seem vastly underpowerd. They replace both hands first of all, so on like the apothecary they make it so all your cooldowns are wayyyyyy longer, but whats the tradeoff? Less damage, more risky gettting close. I've used them successfully on No Mercy difficulty but NOT nearly as easy as busting out the hellfires or switching to any other melee weapon like the thunder hammer. Their default attack speed is too slow I think. I upgraded mine and its bearable but you're still just not tanky enough to use them effectively when compared to all the other weapons.

I've taken tips from other players here:

but like I said, I was successful but it's just way harder than every other weapon and especially punishing on apothecary because you cant just wield one (I wish you could - I always did in the tabletop roleplaying game Deathwatch by fantasy flight games)

But seriously like, what is the tradeoff? You're better off just using a powerfist with a gun like 100% of the time lol. I want them to be good, they are cool dang it xD

Love the game - put in like 40 hours already lol (I need a job xD)

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The lightning claws work best with the assault class. If you get the lightning claw perks and the mods they are almost overpowered. The apothecary should really stick to the narthcinium so that the cooldown is better. I think they threw in the lightning claws with the apothecary for lore reasons but it isn't that great unless you have the blessed blood auto regeneration perk.

Yeah I have all the perks for the lightning claws on assault class too - but they still don't seem to compare to the other weapons when you put all the perks into them. Also not sure how accurate of a test it is but we were beating the crap out of eachother on friendly fire server for testing purposes and they could not kill anyone before being killed - despite the fact having maxed out "armor perforation" as well as everything else.

So yeah, I've used lightning claws successfully on apothecary (Perk: Regeneration, Armor Bonus 20%, Auto-Heal cooldown 20%, Speed buff on lightning claws, 50% reduced acid damage - my build for this) however, it is just not nearly as effective as like...anything lol. It works but its definitely a liability compared to running anything else.

I also don't understand why they have to occupy both hands, thats part of the problem I think. The other weapons on assault come with a shield that negates a lot more damage from some sources (like acid) yet they either have far more damage or far more explosion radius. Further, you can not really attack with both claws simultaneously or anything, you're either using one or the other, so it's slightly pointless. I'd rather just be able to swap out my ranged weapon for one claw, or swap out my powerfist for one claw. Or be able to do SOMETHING with both claws at the same time that is significant xD

EDIT: Oh also the attack speed bonus does not seem to register in multiplayer if you're not the host. At least for some people.

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