[beta BB2LE] Bugs report from Nîme l'Ancien

Here this is the pass skill. I have only the french text but it says that you "automatically RR a miss or fumbbled pass". It should be "you can RR a miss pass or a fumbbl".
For most of them. Skills are not mandatory and it can be better sometimes to keep a miss pass instead of Rerolling and risk a fumbbl.

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Indeed the text hasn't been updated after the skill was made optional. I'll rpeort it, thanks!

I think that all the skill's descriptions must be checked.
My 2 cents.

I renamed my thread to put here all my reports.

The skill's options :

  • Only 6 skills there. I think all skills should be there and coaches would be able to chose wich ones are chosen manually or automatically minus those who are mandatory (like frenzy or extraordinary skills).

Custom teams :

  • display bug : I chose : "fractured skull" for a mummy and the AV went to 10 (green display as an up). When I validated it went to 8 (in red) as it should be. And my mummy with +1 ST and 1 fractured skull injury was diplayed as a level 2 (16 spps)
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Team creation :

  • when clicking to buy a player. On the player's page. The display of the player's uniform is not the same (this is the standard one) as the one chosen when creating the team.
  • I created an Undead Team with a logo (the zombie's head on the ground) and after that I created a dwarf team with another logo but when I was on the player's page (when I buy one) this was the undead logo that was displayed.
  • When you are on the team roster sheet and you click on the number 5th slot (for example) to have the player you buy wearing the number 5 ... instead it places the player on the first available slot.

Joining league :

  • Not really a bug but it could be a problem. I made a mistake by choosing the wrong team shield to join a league as I chose an union elf team that was already on another league. And it get out my elf team from it's first league to join the new one without a window of warning. It could be wise to do such a window to prevent from possible problems.

Match :

  • display bug : the ball is behind the kicking player on the kick off.

League bug :

  • In the resurrection mode. Team gain Fan Factor when winning. It shouldn't be like this. The team should remain as created initially. (No zombie, no FF, no injury/spp ... etc).

  • How the pairing works on wissen competition ? In round 2, the first in the ranking didn't match with the second in the ranking. And how the tie breaker working ? We need options to configure it.