Solo Eternal Mode AI Casualties

So far I've skipped Blood Bowl 2, but now the Legendary Edition has gotten my interest.
I'm actually only interested in single player, so the Solo Eternal Mode sounds interesting to me.
Now I really disliked that AI casulties didn't really count in BB1 and I'm wondering how this will be handled in BB2LE.

Do AI teams actually suffer casualties from games with the player? From simulated games with each other?

Would really like to know.

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your message.

Yes, the casualties from games simulated between AI teams carry over to their next match(es).

Thanks for the answer!

Just bought BB2 🙂

@Netheos Any way to make the AI v AI stats more realistic? I'm putting together some information to show just how nonsense the stat keeping is. TL;DR: Multiple games of Orcs v. Undead with 12 successful blocks between both teams, Dwarf v. Dwarf matchups with 6 passes completed between the two teams, etc.

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