[Community-Bug-Reports] Collected List of Issues / Recommendations

Preface / Greetings

Greetings! I am Chaplain Krieg the community manager for the Fan Official Deathwing Discord server. We have over 300+ members and growing and we are dedicated to making the game one of the most positive, constructive, and lore accurate (not to mention bug free!) games that are under the Games Workshop name in the Warhammer 40k Universe. As the community head I would like to congratulate you for your Enhanced Edition release and on a personal note one of the most visually stunning WH40k titles out there. We as a large group have come together and have done some dedicated bug hunting and quality of life issues that need to be addressed to make this game the best it can possibly be. Below you will find specific sections based on the issues we have found and if there are any recommendations on how to maybe address the issue it shall be stated below the issue in that section. Once again than you for your dedicated work and accurate fan-service to the WH40K title and we look forward as a community to see some positive changes!

Note: This post will be a living document and will be edited as patches/acknowledgements are released for issues. It will be constantly updated.

Last Updated : 06/13/2018 Issues that are new withing 24 hours will be listed as NEW.

Technical Issues

  • [PC] "Lost Connection to Server" when attempting to join to listed host game while non-friended though steam / Possibly related to port forwarding issues and/or host IP issues. UPDATE: Game is possibly making double servers leaving ghost servers in the list to join, might possibly be the issue see this picture for details.

  • [PC] Multiple users encounteringFile:E\P4ROOT\ue4\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp][Line:227] Result failed at E:\P4ROOT\ue4\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Viewport.cpp:275 with error 8876017C.

  • [PC] When revived Immediately after death causes player movement / UI to become unavailable resulting in Alt+F4 to exit game.

  • [PC] Multiple users encountering random engine crashes as displayed here in this video the D3D device disconnects resulting in UE4 engine failure.

  • [PC] Xbox360 / Steam Controller support is sometimes buggy and non-existent when binding buttons or keys.

  • [PC] Alt-Tabbing or losing game focus will sometimes hang engine / control lockup resulting in players having to reset the game.

Gameplay Issues

  • NEW[PS4] The difficulty setting doesn't save after exiting the game even after applying the settings.

  • [PC/PS4] Implementation of a AFK kicking system check if "Not Dead" and "Exited Bridgehead" due to players joining spots and then AFKing for free experience preventing friends / actual players from entering the game.

  • [PC/PS4] Prevent the solo AFK leveling glitch, require players to actually interact with the game in order to level. We recommend that players who die within the first 5-10 minutes get no experience whatsoever this will prevent afk leveling as it requires them to die repetitively.

  • [PC/PS4] A reward of renown or XP for finishing a mission based on difficulty numbers can vary;
    Disciple : 250 renown/XP
    Champer Master: 500 renown/XP
    Lion's Sword : 1000 renown/XP
    No Mercy: 1500 renown/XP

  • [PC/PS4] Codex Rules does not prevent classes from being changed, we recommend that it returns back to after you make your first choice your stuck with that class for the rest of the mission. This will also promote any changes to the medal system if based on a class ability basis.

  • [PC/PS4] Bioblast-Strain damage type does not hold continuity with damage model types (Green is Acid Damage / Purple is Plasma Damage) We reccomend that the Bestiary be updated to describe the damage as plasma based with the damage type switched from acid to plasma to reduce effect redesign strain on developers (changing the blase effects from purple to green).

  • [PC/PS4] Interrigator-Chaplain's Litany of War effect (Emperor be Praised!) should show across all teammates screens to show that the effect is active, an auditory activation sound would also enhance this effect. An auditory sound such as the metal hitting metal loading screen sound would do well!

  • [PC/PS4] Major Librarian Physker abilities are unused in multiplayer modes; Inferno, Vortex of doom, Immolate etc, are all good abilities that could be used. We recommend that the UI interface for skill selection (singleplayer) be allowed for Librarian classes so they can change up their skills depending on team composition.

  • [PC/PS4] Inability to not use skills while shooting, opening/closing doors and reloading.

  • [PC/PS4] if a player revives right when the last person dies it causes the game to invalidate state flag and prevents others from countdown resetting timer.

  • [PC/PS4] A perk for the Chaplain regarding the heavy flamer to increase armor penetration or slight damage power.

Map + Level / Event Script Design issues

  • [PS4] Brother Barachiel sometimes gets stuck in different parts of the map in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 Special Missions.

  • [PC/PS4] Sometimes AI teammates do not register the correct path causing them to run around the whole map in order to catch up to you even though you simply walked down the hallway.

  • [PC/PS4] Turrets are a large issue in the community, mainly due to their role in attacking the player as a static defense. If possible make the turrets hackable as in the singleplayer mode to help promote defense missions, enable or disable the turrets. On map spawn randomize the state that turrets are in (Enabled/Disabled state) to keep players on their toes to check if turrets are enabled or not to keep risk factors high. For balance purposes maybe limit this ability to the Tactical class.

  • [PC/PS4] Genestealer spawn locations are not as varied as singleplayer, for example genestealers will not spawn in the Caliban's will seed vault room pipes but choose to spawn at the top of the stairs.

  • [PC/PS4] CAT explorer gets stuck on certain mission points and unable to move or fix itself as seen in this video and this screenshot. Reccomend (if not already done) that the CAT have a seperate AI path track to prevent getting stuck on corners or places of sharp elevation.

  • [PC/PS4] CAT explorer when in rare instances corrects itself will attempt to reset itself back to starting pathing node. This screenshot shows where the cat attempted to approach the Chapter 8 Defense area and got stuck and unstuck attempting to return to the Seed room starting position after getting unstuck resulting in unnecessary backtracking.

  • [PC/PS4] CAT explorer seems to have a constant "Damaged" effect not sure if this is intentional or a bug.

  • [PC/PS4] Under the stairs where you spawn sometimes in Special Mission 1 and Chapter 1. The phospex generator room the terminators can walk through and hide under/next-to the stairs and the bigger genies cant fit through the gap thus blocking the others. See this picture, this picture and this picture for more clarity. This is possibly due to a pathing bug.

  • [PC/PS4] Failing a "Disable the Detonator" mission will sometimes not perform the 'white-out' script and end the mission, instead the sound will play but no screen effect will be performed and the players will be suck inside a mission-less level until they quit.

  • [PC/PS4] Areas of maps were large amount of spawn locations go highly unused, recommend a Purge! mission added to these areas to swarm players or when these areas are entered a large wave appears.

Weapon Bugs / Balance Issues

  • [PC/PS4] Modify weapon reliability perks to be 75%-80% effective and not remove jams entirely. Certain weapons such as Heavy-Flamers and Plasma Cannons are ok with 100% as they are 1 shot / flowing liquid weapons.

  • [PC/PS4] Bolter / Storm Bolter MK.II under performs compared to other weaponry on higher difficulties. We recommend that both bolters get a small increase to base damage (5%-7%) and have a small base for armor penetration (10%-15%) to be useful at later stages/difficulties this effect can be seen with the Singleplayer / Multiplayer difference as the bolter is MUCH stronger in singleplayer.

  • [PC/PS4] If Bolter / Storm Bolter MK.II above is implemented a suggestion to increase the Hellfire damage (5%-10%) and decrease its rate of fire (7%-13%) should be implemented to balance the Apothecary.

  • [PC/PS4] Spear of Caliban is a small bit overbearing allowing a fully auto-cannon. *Possibly a way to reduce the spam is by limiting the Spear to 3 round bursts Increasing its point damage slightly and reworking its speed perks to lower the burst lockout so it can burst more often.

  • [PC/PS4] Heavy Weapon plasma cannon build is game breaking, can literally solo the game due to the sheer amount of firepower he can deal out. We recommend that the Plasma Cannon get a charge mechanic (meaning that you have to hold down the attack button to charge and release the shot) and reworking his abilities to make the charge time shorter so it makes it non-spamable. Possibly a reduction in the AOE with its upgrades or reducing its fire rate with the AOE upgrade equipped could balance the weapon.

  • [PC/PS4] Heavy Flamer does not produce "flame trails" as done in single-player/solo-play mode inside multiplayer element, removing the unique ability/role of the heavy flamer compared to other weapons by limiting/damaging area for a short time (such as preventing a spawn area from spawning Genestealers). If the developers are worried about the spam quantity of this mechanic we would suggest that the "Flame Trails" be limited to 8 Trails per player for a total of 32 trails spawned in total as a minimum ; if possible we would like to see maybe 16 trails per player for a total of 64 if possible. Otherwise this removes the benefit of the weapon and foces players to choose other denial of area options such as the plasma cannon / Spear of Caliban .

  • [PC/PS4] Heavy flamer does horrible point damage as the damage cone is too small. We recommend that the area of effect when fired being narrow in the front and wider at the end of the model unless that changes the physics of the flamethrower, if that is impossible maybe make the flamethrower able to pass through enemy hitboxes or give a push back effect to halt progress of approaching enemies (flamethrowers do give off a force blowback technically).

  • [PC/PS4] Heavy flamer does not damage Turrets Unless otherwise intended, even a small amount of damage would be beneficial.

  • [PC/PS4] Ability to wield special weapons like the Chaplains Crozius Arcanum like the Lost Mace of Corzwain on weapons that limit restrictions to Powerfists.

  • [PC/PS4] Lost Mace of Corzwain does not register as a Mace for the assault class thus not benefiting from the Mace Specialization perk allowing more damage/speed.

  • [PC/PS4] Lost Mace of Corzwain seems underated as a power fist alternative, Since it is a visual alternative to the powerfist maybe consider giving it the same stats as the powerfist to allow players the choice. Another possibility is to bring the Lost Mace of Corzwain to near but not exactly the same strength as the mace of Absolution as it carries the same sound effects but does not have its abilities such as the large AOE and stun (think like no stun but half the AOE of Absolution and same damage).

  • [PC/PS4] Force weapons for the Librarian could use a reworked purpose to make the class more enticing to choose for players. We reccomend that the Cooldown for the force axe and force sword be a constant 45% (Compared to the 33% and 66% difference. This combined with possibly giving the librarian two options such as the Sword giving the ability to hit multiple targets at once in an arc with moderate damage while the axe does smaller arc but more substanial single target damage. A small buff to each weapons base damage and armor penetration would also improve this effect.

Content / Model / Animation Issues

  • [PC/PS4] Sometimes the player view models do not load correctly but are vissible from the other players perspective. Seen Here in this screenshot. UPDATE: It seems to be an issue with the New DLC causing desync's of the models from other players viewpoints as some people did not download the DLC while some others did forcing those who do not have the DLC downloaded to not render the DLC items/skins and forcing that players skin to default.

  • [PC/PS4] Lightning claws when upgraded with perk / speed upgrade fail to animate with the sped up attack animation. (attacking at the highest rate leaves the claws just sitting there but still performs two hits), The damage still works as far as I know but the animation cant keep up with the set speed for the equipped upgrades. Credit to @blinddeaforphan & @Sergeant-Zalinto

  • [PC/PS4] Emblems that are attached to the armor's (the ones that look like the weapon emblems) sometimes disappear from the armor shoulders and appear at the models origin (between legs at base of the model) this happens only with unlocked skins. See this image for further detail.

User Interface Issues

  • [PC] When attempting to change key-binds in Multiplayer game UI will lockup or fail to close overlay preventing in game movement/actions.

  • [PC/PS4] Dial context menu does not contain actions such as Attack, Defend, Lock that can be placed similar to the "Move Here" command as a general awareness, all most be done through keybinding actions. Pointing at an enemy type and using the proper command would also help as well.

  • [PC/PS4] Skill effect overlays such as Litany of War, Retribution etc, sometimes will not disappear when effect duration has ceased leaving the effect overlay permanently on screen persisting through death.

  • [PC/PS4] Assault ability Frenzy overlay is not tailored for wide screen use, resulting in a very visible square around all edges of the effect overlay.

  • [PC/PS4] Quickly entering and exiting Bio-Scanner or other types of scanner attachments will result in the effect being permanent as seen here in this image.

  • [PC/PS4] Settable Binding so that we can place Blue custom waypoint markers and remove them in the map menu. Currently not many people know how to place them but they seem impossible to remove. Possibly add a script that removes the mark on player approach. (Currently the only note of this ability is the loading screen tips and is default bound to E)

  • Banner placement on Radial menu disappears or does not place banner when selected.

Audio Issues

  • [PC/PS4] Enemy Unit Bioblast-Strain audio sound origin too wide and causes it to be heard regardless of walls, barriers, or proximity.

  • [PC/PS4] Enemy Unit Bioblast-Strain audio is too loud and drowns out other gameplay aspects.

  • [PC/PS4] Enemy Unit Broodlord (Black+White) Audio does not trigger on spawn, often leading to assumption that confuses players with Scythe-Strain.

  • [PC/PS4] Enemy Unit Broodlord (Black+White) footstep Audio is non-existent compared to newer hybrid aberrant unit.

  • [PC/PS4] Lightning Claws audio can be heard across the map, through portals, regardless of distance or actual damage.

  • [PC/PS4] Enemy Unit Hybrid Abberant footsteps are louder than Broodlord steps despite size.

  • [PC/PS4] Placing a "Attack" command on a Scythe, Broodlord, Turret will result in the "Brother Destroy this door!" audio recommend a singleplayer audio line replace per action in MP.

  • [PC/PS4] Louder Audio cues are needed to signal when a horde will be approaching, its very quiet when the genestealer screams sound and overall needs a revamp on adding to the tension of when large waves are approaching.

  • [PC/PS4] background audio dialogues would make this game feel like a living team, having some unit icon circles with some communication such as "Warrior-Strain incoming" like in singleplayer would help in spotting and identifying threats. Even pressing the Attack, keybind on such a unit and triggering a Class portrait and the singleplayer audio sound such as "Stalker- Strain" or "Krak Missiles" , Turret etc would make the game more favorable and seem alive.

  • [PC/PS4] When audio sound cap is reached it will prevent dialogue sounds from playing such as the Tactical Skull and Master Belial, recommend implementing a priority system for sounds so the engine knows what sounds are more important than others when attempting to choose between. This effect can be best seen by after completing the first "Fight!" mission on Chapter 8 and the tactical skull audio is muted during the "Genestealers cannot be defeated by blade and bolter alone".

  • [PC/PS4] Placing an attack order on anything will result in the same line "Brother, Break Down This Door!" instead of intended audio/text cue.

Quality of Life Issues

  • [Singleplayer] Ability to customize your AI squad-mates with purchased customization's.

  • [PC/PS4] A list of Abilities on the bottom right rather than a level 1-4 giving vague descriptions. Maybe the skill icons over the level 1-4 descriptions that can be hover hovered for a description.

  • [PC] A very aggressive entity cleanup is present on the PC version removing a majority of the gore, detail damage marks, and other drawable/sync objects. maybe it would be possible to make a separate build for PC/PS4 that allows for a more unlimited detail mode for users who have enhanced system specifications? Or maybe a settings function that allows the individual to set their draw limit for such things we would love to see hallways littered in corpses and bodies once again.

  • [PC/PS4] After mission rewards are not reflective of specific classes, for example a chaplain would never be able to achieve points in the "healing" category, so adding a category in new "Revive's" or "Damage Prevented" categories to show class specific statistics.

  • [PC/PS4] Adding a setting that will affix the map to a static position, display a cardinal direction "N" towards the top of the map (Yes i know were in space and we dont have a magnetic north).

  • [PC/PS4] Ability to keybind all keys such as "Chat", "Skill Buttons"., Banner placement etc.

  • [PC/Steam] from Brother Voldo ; Automatic terminator voice lines when using skills, when weapon is jammed, when reloading weapon and adding a couple of voice lines for each class for skills? "Blessed is my wargear!" when weapon is jammed, others know this guy cant shoot now so can come cover? Chaplain shouting Litanies of Hate, everyone know they can enter melee brawl without having consequences? And so on. ADD MORE VOICE LINES FOR MULTIPLAYER!

Community Requests

  • NEWAbility to have a workshop content that will allows fans of the game to assist developers with making changes to the game. This would require the editor version and no changes can be implemented to the non editor version without developer approval. This would help decrease the workload on developers onto the community.

  • Change "You have brought shame upon your chapter. ." with inspiring quotes about service and the emperor. As death serving the emperor is of the highest glory and not a punishment.

  • Random "Lights Out" Events where whole sections change from normal to emergency lighting and trigger swarms to increase tensions / make Fight! or Purge! missions have these effects. (Possibly make lights flicker when Broodlords / Physker enemies enter the area) to enhance the effects.

  • More Genestealers! from Brother Voldo the urgency for genestealers and constant pressure is not stressful. If you playing on No-Mercy they should always be coming. Doing actions such as ringing bells, shooting doors breaking them should trigger waves of enemies.

  • Beefier bolter sounds as shown in this video.

  • On No-Mercy runs remove the location of Genestealer spawns and add a fog of war effect making only explored parts of the map visible, this will increase tension and add a edge to missions. (much like how sections turn dark/light blue when explored make dark blue sections transparent.

  • Ability to select or purchase armor / weapon customization's while in a Host Lobby or during equipment selection in portal room.

  • Ability to enable/disable terminator helmets.

  • A Multiplayer bestiary so people can lookup enemy information while in-game / Mission setup lobby.

  • Some sort of bonus for equipping a bayonet, either a small (5% - 7%) increase to melee damage or weapon damage would make it seem worthy of purchasing for your weapon.

  • Some sort of bonus for placing a chapter banner, maybe dependent on the quality of the banner reflective to the purchase cost. for example placing 1 banner will give a 3%/5%/7% (quality dependent as some banners vary from tattered to holy) to damage resistance / damage dealt / ability cool-down etc and have a 100 second cool-down per placement in a specific area [Defensive mission usage].

  • Making the banner pole taller so it isn't hugging the ground may be a good visual idea so it doesn't look tiny and actually looks like it has weight and presence on the battlefield to inspire troops. Possibly making the banner attachable to the back of the armor as a possibility.

  • Some sort of matchmaking system that will search for out of region matches if no regional matches are found in your area. Distance IP ping based

  • Tactical marine redesign overall, Tactical does not seem to have a niche or a fit with his abilities in comparison to other teammates abilities. A few recommendations is to have the abilities redesigned to allow the tactical to improve his teammates qualities such as Reduced cool-down timers, Temporary infinite ammo, increased team damage temporary etc would make the tactical marines more focused on allowing his team to be supportive in their own roles better.

  • NEWHeavy Weapons Marine has been requested to combine the two abilities of Perfect aim and increased rate of fire into one single perk for 3/5/7 seconds. To free up an ability slot for developers to play with. Also requested to change the plasma mine into something more utility such as being able to place a group of mines OR to have 3-4 mines available and as they are used are replenished over time.

  • Ability to equip two perk slots or possibly the ability to equip 1 Unique Perk and one Generic Perk (For example, Resilience is a general perk but Blessed Blood is a Unique Perk)

  • Ability to save a favorite loadout or have 1-3 custom loadouts that you can save specific perks, armor addons etc so that you can quickly get into the battle.

Resolved Issues

Patch 01

  • [PC] When revived and killed immediately after sometimes the respawn counter stops and player cannot be revived in this state unless they reconnect to the host.

  • [PC/PS4] Fixed sometimes not getting XP at the end of the mission.

  • [PC/PS4] Fixed when using a controller that you can’t scroll down the server list.

  • [PC/PS4] Fixed deathcam camera could get stuck in some rare cases.

Patch 02

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Hi Chaplain Krieg,

First I want to thank you very much for this compilation and for all your reports, feedback and suggestions.
Some of the issues are known and we are working on, some other weren't up to now.

Just some answers or thoughts on the moment:

[PC] "Lost Connection to Server" when attempting to join to listed host game while non-friended though steam / Possibly related to port forwarding issues and/or host IP issues.
We have to check that, but we have the theory that it might occurs when joining a server becoming full when you are joining it.

[PC/PS4] Heavy flamer does not damage Turrets Unless otherwise intended, even a small amount of damage would be beneficial.
I can confirm it is not an intended behaviour and so it's a bug.

[PC/PS4] Major Librarian Physker abilities are unused in multiplayer modes; Inferno, Vortex of doom, Immolate etc, are all good abilities that could be used. We recommend that the UI interface for skill selection (singleplayer) be allowed for Librarian classes so they can change up their skills depending on team composition.
It could be a good idea, we have to think about it and how it can balance/unbalance the game.

[PC/PS4] Turrets are a large issue in the community, mainly due to their role in attacking the player as a static defense. If possible make the turrets hackable as in the singleplayer mode to help promote defense missions, enable or disable the turrets. On map spawn randomize the state that turrets are in (Enabled/Disabled state) to keep players on their toes to check if turrets are enabled or not to keep risk factors high. For balance purposes maybe limit this ability to the Tactical class.
We also have to think about it, due to several technical reasons I clearly doubt that you will be able to possess them, but the ability to disable/enable them is something that can be done. Note that currently turrets should be focused by the Librarian thanks to its abilities or by someone with an assault canon. In solo, your team mates are also a great help against turrets.

I don't answer to all point but we take them in consideration.

Thanks again.

Your welcome thanks for making such a great game and we all cant wait to help you guys make it better somehow! I don't expect all bugs to be addressed, or talked about every time one is added, just something of a list to keep updated and see whats going on and seeing whats being said in the Steam, Fan Official, and Focus Interactive discords.

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Is there/will there be some official known issue list? I can't find any.

One will probably be made as a technical patch is released

Good stuff. Keep working on it SOS it's so close to being amazing!

Hello, I am a big 40K Fan so thank you for this awesome game. PS4. I can confirm some of the bugs I have experienced have laready been added to the list.

  1. To be able to remove custom markers in map placed by the player.

  2. To be able to change the AI followers armor such as to have everyone geared up as the guardian of the covenant chapter when playing single player special missions. Please this would be wonderful for someone like me who cannot play online.

  3. Make the AI apothecary (Brother Nahum) to be able to equip more waepons along with the Narthecium such as the Redemption and the Hellfire in single player Special Missions.

  4. Please pump up the graphics, textures and let more dead bodies gather on the map on the PS4 pro since it has a lot more power than the standard PS4. PS4 Pro can also handle higher resolutions.

  5. A way to cancel the Psygate once the button is activated in campaign.

  6. It would also be awesome to be able to equip the Storm Shield and Storm Bolter combo.

  7. To be able to save our preferred loadout for each class so whe don´t have to equip manually the waepons everytime we switch class.

Thanks for the info @ApocalypseHound I added some things that were not already in the list that you mentioned.

I just want to add a few bugs that need a patch on PS4

  • Blood just stop splattering after a few minutes starting a mission.
  • We can't shoot on the dead bodies
  • Textures are very very low rez, even on ps4 pro
  • Framerate is very unstable, and the ps4 pro should be able to run it on 60 fps

Thank you @Chaplain-Krieg, I really hope you give us more future content and that you do improve the single player experience in special missions : ).

Your welcome I will do what I can! For the Emperor!

After "EE".

  1. Lightning claws when upgraded with perk fail to animate with the attack animation. (attacking at the highest rate leaves the claws just sitting there), The damage still works as far as I know but the animation fails.

  2. In any mission if your last man dies at the same time as another respawns, sometimes the respawn timers for the other players will freeze and will not be allowed to be revived or respawn.

  3. The 3D model of the game map, for the chapter 4, has a gap in the wall (not visible) but the UV texture covers it and you can actually fall through the map.. I will provide a photo of the location and give a video as well of me doing it. Making the fail safe you did for players to respawn at the start point was a good idea for this potential problem. The actual model of the wall is off and is not actually connected, probably something will unreal engine considering the model is used multiple times in the level. Someone probably forgot to move the wall a few millimeters over in the scene.

  4. Sometimes playing the assault, while using the hammer, if a stealth knocks your right hand out you cannot use either of your hands, abilities or even open doors, not even sprint.. This bug cannot be fixed after healing, only after being healed and your other off hand is broken and than it seems to fix the problem. Really weird bug.

I'll update this with more information soon.

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Thanks for the reports i added it to the list, when you can confirm the falling point ill add that too

List updated and reworked the categories to aid in the reading of document. Issues that are new within 24 hours will be listed as NEW @StreumOn-F8 @StreumOnStudio

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Quality of life suggestions:

  • Add a third bot for singleplayer. This is to bring it in line with coop where it's a team of four players.

  • Barachiel should be able to use the heavy flamer. It is, after all, a heavy weapon.

Also the following perks and weapon upgrades seem to be broken or bugged:

[ Battle Psyker ] for Librarian increases Force Weapon damage by around 5%. Actual damage increase should be 30% according to perk description.

[ Burning Absolution ] for Interrogator-Chaplain and Tactical appears to do nothing. Weapon stats do not increase when taking the perk.

[ Precognition ] for Librarian is listed as providing a +10 armour penetration bonus to Storm Bolter and Mk. II Storm Bolter. However, the actual amount of the increase is much less than the +10 armour penetration bonus that the Heavy Weapon Speciality gets for Assault Cannon and Vengeance from the "Assault Cannon Specialist" perk. If the value is the same (+10 for both classes on different weapons), how can the value be different? Yeah... I'm confused too.

Assault Terminator's [ Ultimate Adornment ] on Lost Mace of Corswain is broken. It simply increases damage by a small amount. It should yield a +300% damage boost and +80% armour penetration, but the armour penetration is non-existent and the visible stat increase to damage is nowhere near +300%.

Edited for clarity.

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I wonder if the developers actually read their forum. The list posted and constantly updated by Chaplain Krieg has great suggestions and we have reported loads of bugs, yet there has been no reply by the dev team. I really hope the fans' effort doesn't go to waste, please devs a reply would be appreciated.

@apocalypsehound we do read forum posts, that's why the very first response on this topic is from us ( @StreumOnStudio ) 😉

@StreumOn-F8 Well thank you, my mistake. I just wanted to be sure that you have been up to date with the list. Keep up the good work brother and thank you again for this wonderful game.

Thanks for the support @ApocalypseHound I try to watch all the community forums.

I haven't found in this list mention about bug with broken gain of armor penetration from perk "Ultimate adornment" for Mace of Corswain. So, please, add it.
And you wrote about Mace of Corswain and "Wielder of Mace" bug. It is not a bug, because description of this perk says it works ONLY for Mace of Absolution.