[Community-Bug-Reports] Collected List of Issues / Recommendations

Well i havent posted ina while so its time ^^

Excpet wanting the obvious like most Bros (more Hulks, more Races and especially more Chapters to play with) i see a lot of people want to see:

  • Force Sword Skill Cooldown same as Axe, when playing, "Codex Rules". So many People ive played wanting this badly! Is it the Iconography on the sword, maybe... XD

  • More Psyker Skills to choose from. Ive posted this many times`and i really cant wait to see that happen. Especially Vortex Skill is Epic stuff. Maybe in MP u could make it that it doesnt do that much dmg, but instead they are trapped longer and u have to shoot the little buggers whirling inside ^^

  • Making the Force Weapon on Psyker glow Red
    Color Mod
    or when u pick the Warp Perk

Environment/ HUD Effects
Yes i wrote that a long while ago and it would make Missions a lot more unpredictable.

  • Radar doesnt work properly and flashes out from time to time. Of course when big Waves are coming in ^^, but not only then,, because it would be 2 predictable then and everyone knows theres a Wave coming.

  • Fog of War, well on certain Areas in the Hulk this could work really well. I dont see having a Fog which gives u only a couple of meters sight being everywhere in the Hulk, since there aren`t Vents throughout the Hulk in every bloody Corner.
    Makes the use of Bio Scanner and Revelator even more demanding!

  • Moving Hulk
    Let us have some Screen shakes like when u trigger Torpedoes. Hulk is moving in Space for whatever reason XD
    and that makes u have some random Screen shake, which takes u off aim and u need to rely on melee a bit more!

  • Lights out, Well, just turn off your Lamp!
    I tend to do this since the Game came out. And its a total different Experience. I heard a few people complain they cant see Hybrids in the Dark already. Use "BioScanner" or NVG. But lets be honest. i tried NVG a couple of times and... 😞 no point mounting that on my holy Weapons! That is my next point.

  • NVG Rework
    Make it a 4th Slot Armor Mod
    It makes NVG more viable aswell and u dont need to be Scoped in, since u have a ON/OFF Switch o the Keyboard, plus u can still have ur blessed Revelator or Bio Scanner


Last evening I joined multiplayer game for the first time. At that point I was at 9th level and after a couple of games I leveled uo, or so I thought. For my suprise my new level was 1 and lost all rebown points and all perks I had unlocked.

Is there anything that can be done? I could start again, but what if the same thing happens again. Waste of time and money..

Any help appreciated.