I would like to know if there's something like region block or anything in that manner, because I play on the PC and it's so hard to find players online on multiplayer, which is odd considering that people all over the world have this game and sometimes there's not even a single server on, with password or not, codex rules or not. Is someone else experiencing this or is something wrong with my game ?

Update: I was just watching a stream and the server of the streamer wouldn't appear on my list no matter what.

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You can only see the servers of your region in the server browser. Although you can play with anyone through Steam invite.

Can we have a reason for the decision on moving back to region locking when this was a major problem with the small amount of players before?

Can we also be told why the ping was removed, this is helpful in determining the suitability of a game.

Also, there seems to be problems with your server lists - they are getting old data, sometimes multiple games from one person can be seen.

More options on the lists would be sensible - view the difficulty, etc. Things people want to see when looking for a game.

Best option would be to remove region lock, and allow people to see ping. This means more games are available, and regardless of distance, players can see if it's suitable.

This will help stop the game from becoming dead like the last one did.

@netheos is there any plan to remove the region lock and add a ping display?

It would really help players like me who play in the oceanic region. So being able to play on other servers would be great since there's only ever 1 or 2 servers ever up in my region, and you don't exactly need a very low ping to enjoy this game online. Especially since there is no plan to add bots to MP.

Would be great it to unlock region and display ping. People like a lot to see many server in the list. It offers more choice for server selection and boost community mind

Why can’t I scroll down the list of hosts in the multiplayer list on PS4. I’ve tried analogue sticks, d pad etc, and nothing scrolls down even tho more of the list exists.

Obviously a Friendly fire and difficulty level list, column or icons would help aswell.

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Ping display ( @AstartesUltra ) and a working multiplayer menu ( @Kommodore77 ) are some of the features of today's PC patch, PS4 should follow in a hopefully not-so-distant future. Console patches take a bit longer to be approved, sorry ⌚

@streumon-f8 yeh, thanks. I read it on Steam earlier. Quite interesting to have a vibration on/off mode in the new patch. By greyskull! is that Heman or Ken? Coz that basin cut looks like Heman but he’s got a red jacket (gi?) on..!?

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I'm in Perth and i can't see any servers...