Mace of Corswain Needs Attention / Updating


As someone who pre-ordered the original Deathwing game and stuck with the game through thick and thin, I always enjoyed using the Mace of Corswain even when the single player librarian would prefer to use the Force Axe for skill cooldown reduction. All the same though, I preferred the Mace of Corswain simply because its such a well designed weapon from a appearance level.

With multiplayer now on the rise in Deathwing I find myself no longer needing to play single player and have switched 100% to multiplayer and this has created a dynamic involving a problem I overlooked in Single player, and that was weapons stats optimized / being effective for their own purpose, which was a factor i could disregard in singleplayer. In the perspective of multiplayer however, the stats on the Mace of Corswain are garbage, I cannot understate this enough or be more frank about it. There is literally no competitive edge between using the Mace of Corswain compared to using say the Powerfist. I use the Powerfist as a reference because both are universally found weapons spread throughout many of the classes that use melee as a off hand primary weapon rather a main weapon.

If you compare the Powerfist stats and the stats of the Mace of Corswain, the Powerfist outperforms the Mace of Corswain in every department by a night and day difference. The Powerfist offers far greater damage, armor penetration, explosion radius, and is only a minute less in speed. Mace of Corswain literally brings nothing to the table what so ever, at the very least the Mace of Corswain should obliterate a Powerfist in in the competition of speed but the two are hardly different. I can understand if the Powerfist should be superior in raw damage and explosion radius but I am of the opinion that in order to make the Mace of Corswain viable it would need improvements done to its armor-penetration damage, since after all it literally is a mace with axe heads forged inside of it (you don't get more armor pen than that), and speed needs to be vastly superior to a Powerfist because of obvious reasons.

In a multiplayer match I do not want to be the guy who is holding the group back because I am using a gimped weapon, plain and simple and this is exactly what the Mace of Corswain is in its current standing. I understand this is a pre-order weapon not available (to my knowledge) to the general public, but it is a weapon I do poses and one I paid for when I pre-ordered the game; so naturally I would like to make use of it. Thus I would like to request the Dev team to reassess the weapons viability and put it up to multiplayer standards so it can compete with other universally used off-hand melee weapons such as the Powerfist.

Thank you for your time and for the Enhanced Edition, this has been a great addition to the game and am glad to see many new people finally picking up Space hulk: Death, allowing the game to get the attention I believe it has deserved since its release date (the attention to detail in the maps and the audio has set a standard for me to all other similar genre of video games). At least three of my personal gaming friends who never considered getting Deathwing previously due to a rough game release have already bought Deathwing Enhanced Editionand I am expecting several more friend to be picking it up in the next following weeks.

Thanks again for your time and I do hope you take into consideration my request and suggestion regarding the Mace of Corswain.

There is the 30% armor perforation/attack speed perk, but ya it desperately needs an upgrade like the power sword for the assault class which gives huge bonuses to make it competitive.

Another thought is it could be viable for friendly fire mode because it has no explosion radius, but unless there's something we're missing it needs a 300% damage boost like the sword has or just a big buff to base stats