Librarian perks its trash

For what give Librarian DMG to meele or ATTACK speed on sword/axe if no one use sword for what give him this sort of perks? Where good perks on abilities why only one and some sort shitty where increase lighting dmg am dont want to use melee am want use spells be powerful psy not powerful assault-boy with hammer(axe) and kick floor and walls Plz devs give some good perks to Librarian to increase him Psy power not meele power or bolter power PLEASE

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He has a perk to make psy powers do -33% to 50% more damage. Even though it can be negative, given that it is not -50 to 50, you acutally have a better chance of doing more damage more often.

@sergeant-zalinto It's only one and some sort of shit

wierd boy is right, you could have resilience (30% health boost) instead of that damage boost that is a debuff 1/3rd of the time. it should be -50% to 200% or just 50% to 100% boost in damage to be worthy of the perk slot.

What He really needs is a perk that improves shock wave's radius and knockback effect by 50%,

I'd like to see an upgrade for the sword to make it the same psy cooldown reduction as the axe or something to make the sword viable as well. Being able to slot and use the other psy powers from single player would be really great, I want to pick my spells!

could even give him a heal ability so it's not just the medic, maybe a heal over time on target

it would be funny if the spread of the damage was from -66% to + 666%.Not bad perk can be for 3 skill like them 100% kill any enemy like brood or scyth but its have increase cooldown maybe for 50-70% or they can add book with psyker skills not bad can be change lighting on 2 with fire breath or some thing but not give attack speed to low-value sword and plase its like one perk

Yep, definitely in need of rework.

  • Lightning should be able to consistently kill a couple warriors/stalkers given its increased cooldown in MP, either that or make it as fast as it is in SP, which I would prefer very much. Even then, it's not like you can clear entire waves by just spamming it, but given how nicely it deals with suiciders/stubbers/psykers/turrets it could become a truly effective utility spell. Maybe have it to prioritize even more such targets?

  • Explosive blast is nice, but given it roughly does the same thing as a single plasma cannon shot, I think it could use a cooldown reduction. Also, I can't tell if it deals enough damage to kill up-to-warriors, but if doesn't, it definitely should.

  • Shockwave is a in a good spot but, guess what? Yep, cooldown reduction. Since you're giving the Librarian a lot of melee weapons, just give him the right tools to actually use them. A fast, reliable knockback could make melee builds SO much more effective and enjoyable. And if the problem of stun-lock arises, just add diminishing returns.

As for perks it's quite simple: remove the god-awful force sword/axe attack speed increase perks and add something related to spells. It's a Librarian we're talking here, people rightfully expect to play as a mage, basically. So yeah, consider changing those useless perks with stuff that add effects to spells, like increased targets for chain lightning, increased pushback for shockwave or a fire patch on the ground where explosive blast hits. Whatever. There are countless ways to make spell more interesting and actually incentivate builds revolving around them.

Sorry for the long rant, If it sounds "passionate" it's only cause I love the game.

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The sword is faster than the power axe so in some situations it's actually better.

@tmpwhore Sword give you smaller CD recharge so its trash better use axe

@maxxter lighting need increase dmg and give 100% acc because some tyranids can dodge it+ need give more chain targets like kill 4-7 tyr it one use. Shockwave need some kind of rework its some sort shitty they can like absolute drop tyranids and you can easy kill him or just stop them on 0.1 second better if hims 100% just fall in floor +maybe little bit stun?(maybe better give stun from shockwave vs scythe or brood like its stun hims for maybe 1-3 second and this can give you team to easy kill it). Explosive blast on no mercy vs white tyranids can not kill warriors. Perks can be UPGRADE your abilities or give some new like fire breath or some thing maybe mixed this can be really great but devs am think anyway dont hear it (sad weird boy smile).

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I'd love to see Perks that actually improve his spells or reduce his CDs, instead of one perk that is a flat "damage buff but only sometimes."

I'm not really sure what the logic was with that Perk.

Thank you for keeping this discussion going, having different points of views on that subject is very important to us. Your ideas and suggestions have been noted. 🙏

@streumon-f8 Bless the Gork and Mork. Ty for answer🙃

@weird-boy Yes I agree that his perks are not the best anyway - I was just stating that he DOES have a damage boost because it seemed like you said he did not (though maybe I misunderstood what you were saying)

(It's just not that great of a damage boost, but it is lore fitting on the other hand, with the warp being all crazy and all lol)

Anyway, librarians are not completely useless - like I would take them along with me in multiplayer and not complain - however they could benefit by having a better selection of powers - perhaps toned down a bit from the singleplayer version but it would still be nice to have them.

Some uses are for librarian in party:
*knocking exploding guys away from the team
*quickly destroying turrets

However, there are other classes that can do both those things with more utility. For instance

Devestator with plasma cannon:
*can blow up all the exploding guys even without line of sight
*can one shot turrets
*can stagger broodlords and make them cry

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Librarian needs a buff.

He´s not very strong with weapons, and actually First and Second Spell (lightning) aren´t good enough.

Lightning should kill instanly or at least make more more damage area.

To be fair, the force push is very handy for dispersing crowds and tripping larger Tyranids while the lightning chains and kills turrets/bioblast in 1 hit.

The Librarian is feasible in a supporting role but that role is just not as strong as others like the Apothecary

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Axe Specialist and Sword Specialist are both kinda pointless when Battle Psyker is a thing. Why take 25% increased attack speed when you can have flat 30% damage increase. In terms of DPS, 30% additional damage over time is greater than 25% additional damage over time.

Additionally, why ever take the Force Sword over the Force Axe? The strength of the Librarian is in his casting abilities, and thus you want the cooldowns on his skills to be as low as possible. The only possible way I'd see Force Sword ever being taken is if it received a large buff to damage or attack speed, to the point where it is greatly a better choice than the Force Axe in terms of melee attacking. As an aside to this, I think Redemption should allow the use of Force Sword and Force Axe for Librarians and Crozius Arcanum for Interrogator-Chaplains. No real sense in restricting those two classes to Power Fist when using the Redemption.

Finally, multiplayer has different skill cooldowns and cooldown reductions on all the Librarian's abilities compared to singleplayer Campaign and singleplayer Special Missions when using the Force Sword or Force Axe. From my calculations, Force Sword has a 25% cooldown reduction while Force Axe has a 37.5% cooldown reduction (in multiplayer). However, Force Axe seems to be bugged in this regard when modifying Spontaneous Combustion's cooldown, which goes from a 90 second cooldown (base) to 67 second cooldown (Force Sword, 25% reduction) to 45 second cooldown (Force Axe, 50% reduction). I would expect Force Axe to reduce Spontaneous Combustion to ~56 seconds instead of 45 seconds. Thus, Force Axe is even stronger than it should be compared to Force Sword.

After playing some hours, i´m going to leave this class.

His weapons are the worst, and his magic also aren´t good enogh.

I move to Heavy Class, with Assault Cannon and Caliban Spear.

@rydiak I use the force sword because I feel like it has a better reach when using it for melee attacks over the force axe. I also feel it's a more viable option (for me personally) as I don't find myself using the lightning skill, as often as it can cool down, when equipped with the axe. It's also slightly faster overall when attacking, if you were to take the extra speed on it and the Battle Psyker perk, for example, as it starts out slightly faster (but slightly less melee dmg) than the axe.

I also agree with your point about being able to use the redemption with the sword or axe, as I feel this would alleviate the weakness that is the bolters. They would be fine with the +10ap perk, but this perk doesn't seem to me like it would be worth it, someone correct me if I'm wrong?

Be interested to learn about who is using the Librarian on the harder difficulties and what perk they are running.


i play this bad boy with claws on no mery and he rocks thats for sure and his skills are more then usefull if you use them right

its a very big failure to think only because you cant see him doing the job he cant do it at all no matter who plays him ..............

ik its about the perks but there are some peeps here who have a wrong picture from this class i think

you should try him out again for example with the claws give them the speed upgrade get the 30% hp bonus and the 20% armor bonus use your 1 for turrets and psykers/gunners your 2 for large crowds when you are surounded or to prevent last second stalker jump attacks or to push bls around xD give your 3 the cooldown reduction and use it to clear large groups damage and stagger bls and im sure you will have fun with this guy cause i have a lot of fun with him like i said also in no mercy you can walk with him up front makeing the life for you squad more easy just be careful with bls attack them from behind or the side if its getting close use your 2 to push him away or just run away till someone else has aggro and attack from behind again also always fun and useful is to sprint into the enemy do you remember the tutorial where you run over these still standing gunners it is really useful to run into stealers they get staggered only the heavy ones are imune to that and always try to hit first i think thats a no brainer xD