Need to lower reward for losing

I love the game, I've been having a lot of fun. Just posted a positive review and was reading other's opinions and it seems there is a valid criticism in this one negative review that you get 2k points for losing a match so the fastest way to level up is to just lose over and over right away on the hardest difficulty.

To fix this exploit the devs need to either lower this to next to nothing (reward only for kills/objective completions) or raise the rewards for kills/completions a good amount.

If you get 2k for losing (~5 minutes) and 5k for winning (30min to an hour) it's definitely smarter to lose over and over. I'm not going to do that myself as I want to have fun playing the game (I want a pinyata not a truck load of candy)

So ya, the math is there. Please address this, I want to be able to defend this game to the critics.

I agree, currently the fastest way to level up is grab all the relics and die. Or just die. Depending on the map.

Normal play took me about 30 hours of No Mercy games to hit level 30. Just grabbing relics and killing a few enemies and dying will give you level 30 in half that time.

Objectives should give an exp reward - as of now they do not and actually slow down your exp progress.

EDIT: Oh but I will say it's not THAT much faster to just load a level and die because on No Mercy I typcially get 10-15k exp for an hour of play. So just going in and dying and sitting through loading screens for 2k exp isn't going to be faster, but getting all the relics then dying and getting like 7k exp every time will be faster.

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I think dying without getting an objective or relic is should not reward you. However, if you make it harder than suggested that will discourage a lot of folks from attempting from trying harder difficulty.

Interesting Sarge Z, that's good to hear it's not as big a difference as I had read.
I didn't realize objectives give no xp, so that means there's no difference between winning or losing if you get the same relics and kills huh.

@Goloith I agree there should be no base reward, I definitely don't mean to suggest making anything harder, I think the rewards for harder difficulties (10k up from 5k a win in my experiance) seems good. The problem is the base reward as you say.

Yes, someone in another thread mentioned a possible exploit stemming from this. We'll explore other balancing options and see what works best.

so what you say is a team that plays hard and honestly for 30 minutes then sadly die hard trying should get nothing? hmm ....................