Rumble / Vibration improvements

I’m enjoying the game on my base PS4, but I feel the rumble/vibration could be vastly improved, which would really improve the overall experience and make it more polished and immersive. Research AAA shooters for good examples of rumble effects.


If you play several hours a day or more I recommend disabling vibration on any games you play, it's been linked to a disorder

I guess I mean to just fine tune the rumble effects. It’d be interesting to compare how Titanfall 2 do their mech suit vibrations n guns etc as well as other big shooters. Maybe it would be good to have a slight rumble when u open a door or when the doors shut to give it some substance. I guess the chain gun stumped me coz I’m used to the rumble effect on the wind up as well from other games. Maybe look at Vermintides rumble for melee weaponry. Could test a continual rumble effect when charging a charged attack etc...

Personally, I reckon the Warrior strain genestealer should sometimes spit blinding goo venom in ones face aswell as sometimes spitting nano bees . Variety is the spice of life and temporarily blinding a termi would add another layer of fun to the mix 😭

I know the ambient sound is cool and it works most of the time but I believe some action packed music would be great weaved in ONLY when a big guy comes at you. So very rarely but would add to the game.


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