Movement bug where player avatar stays but invisible player moves very slowly

I had an interesting bug today. It started with weird lag when I tried to move a Kislev catcher one space to provide an assist. the catcher moved, but it took about a minute to move one space. And after the move, the image of the catcher was in the previous space, but I could only click on him on the empty square.


The next turn I moved him by clicking on the space he was supposed to be (not the space he appeared to be in). And I selected that he move over to the corner. I thought the game crashed, as the clock stopped. But it turned out he would take a space every minute or so. He eventually got to the sideline where he provided an invisible assist. But his avatar stayed in the same space as before.





You can see after all the movement if I click on the empty space his card shows up, but clicking on him does nothing. After that I was afraid to move him at all. A turn later my opponent disconnected with a timeout, though I don't know if it was actually the game disconnecting or him getting frustrated and quitting...

Community Manager

Thanks for the detailed report - we'll look into it!

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