I've though about two small changes that will allow us to run something similar to the BB2016 redrafting mechanism. Note that only one of those is required to achieve (at least some) result.

  1. when adminning a match, allow the admin to customize how much gold you gain. At the moment you can give from 10k to 60k only. By increasing that amount we could give enough gold to buy players/staff. The change looks quite trivial, as at the moment we are able to give more cash-winning event when advance adminning a result. But when you accept the change, there is a validation error (saying you can only have 2 winnings total). Basically we just need to get rid of that validation and aggregate multiple winnings rows.

(better solution) 2) Allow setting the amount of gold for custom teams and spp for individual players. With that we could recreate the team for the next season. An added benefit is the possibility to change fan factor, and "heal" niggled players.

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