Respect to Netheos big thank you

I just want to give credit to one person who put put my faith back into this wonderful cyanide game.
Netheos I thank you, you have come forth with information when the questions have been asked, When I have sent you a PM it has been replied to in short time (a day or 2 most) with all my queries answered.
In the old days Cyanide left the players with the feeling they didn't care about us, that they didn't listen, we would get next to no feed back on what was going on, this has all changed, and though I am sure it is not just you that has made it happen (so thanks to the others behind the scenes) but it is you that we see, you put up with our outbursts and some players negativity yet you didn't give up on us and still do your best to keep us informed in what must be a busy time.
So thank you. Keep it up, the game is awesome, one I will never stop playing and I hope Cyanide get the chance to keep adding more content (new teams, stadiums, stars, other league and team editors like can change players name to fit its build or can add mutations to elf teams for special tagged leagues and so on ) all for a dlc with a cost to go with it, one I would always be happy to pay.
But had you and cyanide not changed how you dealt with the players I am not sure as many players would still be here today, so again thanks.

yeah yeah I dont care that negative people may see this as a suck job , I just believe we dont ever do or say thanks as much as we should when someone is doing the right thing. yet we rather tear them down when they do it wrong.
Netheos whoever pays your wage, better know not to lose you.

Community Manager

Thanks 😉

And thanks for your enthusiasm toward Blood Bowl, it's always a pleasure to work with such a nice community!

Poor Guillame (sp?) Never gets any recognition.

@JohnnyFeyev Let's fix this asap!

Merci @Focus_Guillaume !

Communication has improved a lot since Netheos and you are answering questions and helping 😉

Aye, Neheos is a nice lad! Keep up the good work!!!

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