Terminator Space Marines......really?

Has my squad in campaign been swapped out with complete oxygen thief retards as some sort of joke? For real, they are absolutely useless! Either straight up walking in front of my already blazing storm bolter, or facing the wrong direction to the well established combat situation. And what sort of apothecary can’t determine his level of injury in order to judge whether he should possibly use his main skill set and equipment? Similarly when the display of his fellow battle brothers indicates they will soon be only worth the extraction of their gene seed, that again it’s probably time to show what all those operations before becoming a full Space Marine were for and F@&KIN’ heal them! I mean cmon, in no lore would a specialist Marine class ever need explicit permission from a squad leader in order tho perform a duty that if not done would seriously jeopardise the success of a mission, and I cannot for the life of me think of a random enough circumstance where voluntarily allowing either himself or his brethren to perish due to a lack of being ordered to do so. Why make the game with so many authenticity’s and have such an important factor as a Space Marines superb training and unit cohesion out, and even more so the extremely experienced and almost superhuman traits of the 1st company of a chapter. It’s like they are mere Guardsmen parading about as pseudo Terminators. A severe blow to immersion I have to admit. Must be rectified if the campaign is anything more than a tacked on afterthought.

that's a big paragraph

@jab I prefer to call it a rantagraph

Ordering Nahum to heal is a part of the difficulty factor and is what add strategy to the game because you only only get a limited amount of heals.

@link000 I disagree and it makes a clunky order system even slower and for no reason. I understand you like to champion the game but I love the WH40K universe and have since purchasing the Rogue Trader rules and adding ‘strategy’ as you claim via non lore following game design is really standard fare for not creating challenging game play through good design in the 1st place. It’s akin to having a racing game based on Formula 1 with Monster Trucks added for a challenging career mode.

Well, all I can say is that the AI is horrible but I have some suggestions:

Devestator Marine should have been an Assault Marine: Don't let that Devestator marine use guns ever - give him lightning claws until you unlock thunder hammer. He just sits there with ranged weapons like a moron and gets hit, does nothing. But he wrecks things and blocks all damage with melee weapons...shoulda been an assault marine.

Memorize three keybinds for healing On PC, H to heal self, 9 to heal stupid devestator that cant shoot and 0 to heal that apothecary

Just startedt he campaign again on No Mercy and it's not too bad. Easier than multiplayer just for the simple fact I can summon a psygate at will when my dumb AI brothers die.

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@sergeant-zalinto on the PS4 so no luck there. I’d rather that they fix it in order to be a decent play without having to pretend that the squad mates aren’t brain dead apes in Tactical Dreadnought Armour. I’m puzzled how the devs can aim so high, achieve some parts and fall so dismally short on the critical ones. To be totally honest, it’s not the ordering so much it’s the fact that the most elite marines apparently need permission like school children to pretty much do everything except win the trophy for stupid!

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@steakboy1 well of course, but even if they read this message right now and start immediately fixing the AI to meet our request - we wont see the changes anytime soon lol. - SO for now, figure out your keybinds and give that guy a thunder hammer lol 🙂

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Well, according to lore, Terminators don't have infinite ammo or pass through each other in tight corridors either. I don't genuinely believe it's a problem, whether I'm Championing Deathwing or not. What if Nahum used all the Medkits without you realising, would you complain there's none left?
Previous iterations of Space Hulk as a turn based strategy force you to use up a move to heal/ad armour etc so again, I believe it's a fair design choice made to add difficultly. It can't just be point and shoot.

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@link000 if he used up the mad kits it would obviously for a reason, and being pedantic to try and get your opinion across still doesn’t change the fact. I’d much rather have small discrepancies than glaring ones when it comes to lore, and having played every single rules version of WH40K plus owning the original board game I’m fully aware of pretty much most of the different types of rule sets that have been and gone, but this is 2018 so things must progress. Just a tip, try to be objective and suppress the fanboy when commenting on other people’s posts as it definitely shows through in the reply and the many others you have made. Then readers will respect an indifferent point of view over a completely one eyed response. Regardless, dialogue is always a good thing and the devs would hopefully like to see both a 100% fan’s opinion as well as some that want to improve the game to the most and ultra high standards. Don’t settle for mediocrity I think. Btw this isn’t a turn based version so that’s a pointless argument.

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@sergeant-zalinto I’ll try it, just for you! But quietly I’ll be muttering curses to the machine gods and occasionally bellowing my disgust while curb-stomping xeno craniums into the grid mesh! KIL KIL KIL

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Not necessarily, what if he used up the last med kit to heal himself instead of you and you failed the mission as a result?

Small discrepancies like Terminators passing through each other as opposed to Terminators following orders when given?

This is objective; staying on topic and questioning flawed logic. You might take your own advice and stay on topic as opposed to resorting to insults, just because your own opinion is long winded does not make it correct. I've completed the campaign, on several difficulties, several times over with absolutely no problem in this context so my point of view comes from extensive experience. It's not that difficult to remember some simple button combinations and press them when required.

@link000 ah you are one of those forum types. Ok run along let the adults talk here. In case you didn’t remember, this was my topic, and I AM staying to the point of MY post. It seems that you are the one that continually digresses as an argument to my points. Don’t like it, don’t comment. Your “extensive experience” is only in playing the game mode which I am clearly pointing out, has issues. Again, the way Terminator Marines generally act is way more critical to a lore perspective than endless ammo (?) or passing in a corridor! Your points of view ARE useless in this context. But you make me smile thinking about what a naughty little child you are and that if your mum sees what you are doing, what an arse smacking you will get lmao. Seriously, suppress the fanboy and come back and talk like an adult.

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Sirs, lets not turn this into the steam forums Lol.

I'm sure the developers are working on the AI to some extent at least (it's pretty bad) but you can learn to manage it as well. Either way, the point will get lost if everyone keeps rambling back and forth their opinions on the matter along with insults xD.

@sergeant-zalinto yes, you’re right. Sometimes I get the psychic echoes of Sanguinius’ death rolling through me and my eyes glaze over then I find myself with red crosses daubed on my shoulders and shin! Damn the Black Rage!

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@steakboy1 said in Terminator Space Marines......really?:

@sergeant-zalinto yes, you’re right. Sometimes I get the psychic echoes of Sanguinius’ death rolling through me and my eyes glaze over then I find myself with red crosses daubed on my shoulders and shin! Damn the Black Rage!

I understand, I have a very similar problem and occasionally murder our own allies in a delusional state.... poor sisters of battle.

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@sergeant-zalinto I find it’s anything with a humanoid shape within 30-40m that usually gets torn apart!

@sergeant-zalinto if only Mephiston was somehow able to freelance and Red Thirst (3rd-4th ed) his way through some of these missions, I wouldn’t need wind up Teletubbies as squad mates.

@steakboy1 Mate, your attitude towards criticism already demonstrates how poor your own criticisms are. I critically evaluate what you have to say, counter with relevant points and then you instantly resort to insults so tell me, where are these adults you speak of because you certainly aren't one.

In terms of how Terminators act, if an Apothecary is under fire/in combat he's less likely to realise some one is in need of assistance and thus would need commanded to give it. Not to mention, you're the player and the med kits are finite so the responsibility is yours. Not to mention, unless missing a limb or even if so, Astartes usually push to fight on.

Your post on a public forum. I can atleast agree to disagree and do it respectfully.

Like it or not, it's a mechanism that's unlikely to change but here's hoping all that salt carries you through.