Terminator Space Marines......really?

@link000 there were no real insults, calm down. And to be specific, the last argument you present is incorrect, an apothecary would absolutely never need a squad leader, due to being at least a minor hero, in order to do his job as that. The squad leaders role is to tactically use the elements within his command to be the strongest force multiplier possible within the constraints of many things not least of all his squads capabilities, to achieve the overlying strategy of the command structure. Please don’t try to school me on military tactics as I have spent a large portion of my career in either a military or as current, a security advisor role. This mashed with a lifelong passion for all things Adeptus Astartes and WH40K since it’s ince helped me develop my initial post, and you are still the only person trying to nitpick it apart. If you were to stick to the point of saying “it is what it is........” that is understandable, but to try and make some lore excuses for why they are implementing the game as so is just incorrect. Anyway this could go on for an eternity and I sure have more enjoyable pastimes to commit to. BTW me saying the fanboy comment isn’t in any way an insult, if you perceived them as such it was inferred not intended, they merely describe your inability on the topic to see with a neutral perspective. I’m a WH40K fanboy, diehard, but I still always remain absolutely neutral as that is the only intelligent way to truly assess a situation.

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@steakboy1 lol maybe link is the AI and he does not like your heresy. On another note I agree with you. AI needs vast improvement. Dos anyone else get bored of the nids just running at you in a straight line like lemmings? Has anyone noticed the way they spin around when they climb off the wall. Why do the nids need to stopat the floor and spin around to jump off the wall feet first? Like shooting nids in a barrel. It’s like the irks say in Dow 2 “it’s almost boring!”

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I think the Apocrophy healing is yours to command. It’s a tactical choice.

I don’t mind it set up that way. But understand people’s frustration if they want it automatic. But then would he not just use up all the heals... so you’ve got nothing left. ?

I also rarely set them to FOLLOW. I move them separately moving them to strategical positions to cover the angles, moving up one by one. One moves the other two cover....

Too be honest it’s the only way to play. The games to tough not to.

@samhain138 you know the little plastic toys in Christmas crackers? Well I put them in there, that’s what I do mate.

@lamoi if he does he obviously needs to as if u tell him no and he bleeds out, who will be healing you? There are multiple reasons that ordering the Apo to heal is wrong, from the lore to real world military situations, and the only reason that there is to, is to add difficulty which isn’t there in the game design alone. On the point you make about tactical commands, I’d love the game to stop real time when the order wheel comes up as it again doesn’t represent the speed of voice commands and the fact all T’s have a heads up display with the same map etc so that voice commands are easily understood and executed. Never do they need to juggle a super sensitive clunky wheel in order to mutely order squadies to limited FOV positions. I can’t pretend, even if I try hard, that there is any real tactical immersion in this game unfortunately so I don’t even try as it’s against everything I know and is painful. I just try Rambo’n it in frustration lmao.

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It would be good if time froze or slowed down whilst you accessed the command wheel...

But honestly I’m patient and I really take my time when moving my squad up. Will only move when it’s safe and there’s a lull in the horde attempting to rape you... and I’m experiencing success.
There’s very few points in the game that force you into a situation/area that you can’t back out of. From what I’ve experienced so far...

Also reaction times have to be figured into consideration. Reaction times can be an issue anyway - but with the assault cannon, it adds precious seconds for the gun to start turning and warm up. So if AI have this equipped, it only really effective if he is placed at the end of a long corridor or choke point. If he’s only got say 10-20ft distance between him and a Genestealer coming around the corner - he will get overwhelmed.
The bolter is far better in terms of AI reaction times.

Admittedly when things get hot, the command system is clunky. It could’ve improved asi said above.

@lamoi understandable, I just find as it’s a poor representation of how my mind works in a tactical situation, that to avoid clash of two worlds, I make do with the most basic of commands as the squad mates hardly even get basic movement commands right ie funneling them down a corridor in order to lock a door behind, they usually backtrack into the doorway itself, so it’s highly frustrating. Either way I suppose, whatever works in the end.

OMG now I’m finding Barry with the Thunder Hammer has found a way to act retarded right when I thought I had a role for him where he couldn’t ‘stupid’ up my rage meter! Now if we are exiting stage left and taking Billy Big Steps doing so, I rush them through the door to be locked first, or else they’d get sidetracked inspecting the plumbing, and then proceeded to lock said portal! Well Big Bad Bazza has decided to start hammering down these doors while I’m busy locking them! If you can’t patch in even mildly less retarded AI, can you guys please patch in some sort of child restraint or straight jacket maybe even the ability to euthanise squad members for the Empire?😫