The Ridge Out Now - May Community Update


Hello, and welcome once again to the MudRunner Community Update!

First things first, let's talk about The Ridge!

The Ridge is the latest DLC coming to MudRunner, and is totally free and out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One!

In The Ridge, you will discover a brand new map, two new vehicles, and Scavenge game mode. This new game mode, unique to The Ridge (but able to be implemented by modders in their own maps) tasks players with needing to track down and recover logs from random "scavenge locations" around the map. These locations are randomly selected each time you start the map, and are spawns of single logs that must be recovered using a crane attachment!

The Ridge also introduces two new vehicles, the D-538 and the B-6A, which you can learn about in their vehicle presentations, here! The new DLC also introduces new vehicle add-ons with which to take on The Ridge's treacherous hills.

Check out the image below to learn when the game releases in your region:

0_1527596825885_The Ridge - Release Time.png

The Ridge Changelog:



  • New gameplay mode - Scavenge
  • New map - The Ridge
  • New vehicles - B-6A and B-538


  • Locked trucks are now covered in cloth
  • Wheel physics have been improved (wheels are now softer)
  • Anchors and cranes are now more powerful and move more smoothly
  • Automatic gearboxes have now been improved
  • Mod-related stability improvements (crashes due to memory limitations have been fixed)
  • The in-game mod browser now displays information about the mods
  • Added the ability to disable tips about the shortcuts keys
  • Various other fixes

If you're on PC, you may want to continue playing on the older version of MudRunner, so that your mods stay compatible. you use find the public branch ver_18_03_06 in your betas.

To access this, right-click MudRunner, click properties, and then betas. In the drop-down menu, select "ver_18_03_06". This will give you the ability to play on the previous version of MudRunner.

Community Update:

Now, onto what is coming in the future!

We're now continuing to work more fully on what is coming out in the next releases - which would be MudRunner USA and MudRunner Switch (both working titles). As such, it means that we won't have much new information to give in the next couple of months about what we're working on with MudRunner, aside from just repeating the same announcements each week.

As we move to working more fully on these two releases, we don't want the community updates to just say the same thing over and over - so the plan for future updates will be to showcase cool things from the community! To do this, we will begin showing off the best maps that we find, cool vehicle mods, and other interesting creative works made by you! Should you see anything, or make anything, that you're proud of, please send us a link to it, we'd love to see it too!

Thank you, and as always, we'll talk to you soon!

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So 5 hours from now it will be up on Steam, right? Can't wait! Looking good.

Waiting for the Ridge...
Sunrise has come. Players are lined up. Moment of release is coming. Brace yourself.
...and if you own some piece of forest, insure it well...

Only thing I am missing is Wroom-wroom noise 😂

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Really good to see The Ridge being released today! Can't wait!
Yet regarding MudRunner USA, do you already know what vehicles you'll be including, and what type of map(s)? If not, maybe you could make threads where people can comment on what vehicles and map types they'd like to see, and then you could choose the suggestion posts with the most likes and put those in a poll, where people could vote among the best suggestions. Even if nothing's near finished yet, I'd really like it if you'd like give us a screenshot or some info about what you already have or have planned. Many thanks, really looking forward to The Ridge and the future of Spintires: MudRunner!

@sodoma said in The Ridge Out Now - May Community Update:

Waiting for the Ridge...
Only thing I am missing is Wroom-wroom noise 😂

Hehehe! 😹
Also, about that Wroom-wroom noise, have you recorded the sounds for e.g. the new D-538 from an actual MAZ-538? Thanks!

Looks like the next lineup for a Mad Max film Sodoma, Mad Max: The logging expeditions, coming 2020.

Considering speed of these, that movie will take hours, days maybe 😂

Starts logging in Summer and starts the journey to the mill

Aaaaand it's Winter when you arrive 😉

@sodoma Or, imagine a version of the 1971 movie Duel, that's set in the giant Russian forests, where the tunnel scene is replaced by a scene at night, when the car (ZAZ-968M), is stuck in the mud, maybe 10m away from road, and the truck (K-700 equipped with Loader), springs to life, lights go on, it revs and revs, and he's so stuck that he barely manages to get his car out, and the trucks closing in on him, and then he actually manages to get onto the tarmac and then, the car's engine stalls! He tries to jumpstart it again and again, meanwhile the truck turns around, and reverses, he just can't get it to start, and the truck's massive claw nears him and gets lined up, and just before the claw could slam shut on him, he manages to start the engine, and escapes the truck's grasps by half an inch! And the chase begins again while the sun's rising! 😂 (you could do that in MudRunner if you could turn the HUD off, with altered multiplayer (without the highlighted shadow beneath other player, without the names floating above players and with light-synchronisation) and cinematic cameras)
If it was a thing, would you watch it? I would!

@iyagovos said in The Ridge Out Now - May Community Update:


Wheel physics have been improved (wheels are now softer)
Automatic gearboxes have now been improved
Mod-related stability improvements (crashes due to memory limitations have been fixed)

the first two i can imagine what the update is, but i am curious as to what has been done to improve mod related stability exactly.

Nice change of scenery though, the trucks wheels turn slow because it's big and heavy. As opposed to the car on the map that is light and nimble.

@iyagovos said in The Ridge Out Now - May Community Update:

Wheel physics have been improved (wheels are now softer)

  • what do you mean by this??

here is why I ask about the Soft wheels
The Softness value _template=Soft is the worst pre made setting or even if made custom the game just cant get the calculations right

  • the wheel softness value when set to Soft (on any vehicle) will make the wheels be more prone to glitch trough things even the ground or mud in relation to the trucks weight

Most user know what I mean with this if when going on some hard rocks in the know mod makers trucks

  • if added to a truck wich has high mass value (unrealistic weight in comparison to its _cdt size) and C.o.M (center of mass)

This c.o.m is way to low (0.0;-1;0) or even lower because i know mod makers that are like that OP with their build.
this Will make that any High speed contact result in either the _cdt of both object not calculating the colision right (wheels,mod,tree inside each other) or a sudden increase of friction in between each other (this apply more to 1+ on a steep rock/obstacle) but the first option is the most common one

so is just a look update on the Vertex deformation of the tire mesh or the fix is more into the coding of the game?

Thank you STMR team!

It is good to have new free content to play; after completing the Volcano 2016 old map now certified mod over the past weekend, I'll be starting to play The Ridge tonight.

Looking forward to seeing what's changed. Although it will be a shame if the community updates are halted for a while. Hopefully soon though we'll have some "actual" news on MudRunner USA and the future...

Really glad The Ridge is out!
Looks like fun! Too bad Spintires: MudRunner isn't for macOS, if it were, I could also try out the new content! Spintires: MudRunner via Porting Kit on macOS always lags and crashes every few minutes, workshop maps with custom assets only work for about 1 minute and only when settings on absolute minimum, although I've got a high end Mac, and multiplayer crashes all the time, which makes it unplayable. 😞

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I've not yet completed the Ridge, but did manage to download it just after midnight UK time 🕶 I love it. Thank you again for a great FREE DLC. The 538 sounds like the beast it is. Huge 4x4 with no suspension! The attention to detail on it and the tractor is what we have come to expect within licencing restrictions - superb! The tractor behaves much like I would expect a tractor to behave - the winch is your friend.

Starting the tractor had me in stitches... 😂 😆 over the tiny little two stroke donkey engine used to start the main engine. Crazy Frog time!

The map looks interesting and is sufficiently different to the Valley and Downhill for it to have its place within MR.


Also - is the 2 axle 1600 litre fuel trailer new? I'm sure I hadn't noticed that before this update... 🕶

@iyagovos Could you add such plows for the D-538 ?
alt text