Possible Roadmap for future content and updates

I'm really enjoying the game so far and i hope it's been (and will continue to be) successful enough to warrant more development to prolong its lifespan. If this is the case, and the devs decide to invest more resources into its continuation, it'd be really nice to at least have a tentative "road map" of future work being planned on the game. Not only would fans like myself appreciate being informed on upcoming developments but it may reignite or retain the playerbases's interest, knowing that this game will continue to garner the attention and improvement it deserves.

I agree, getting a roadmap would definitely generate more interest for the game, mine included!

While we see why it would be nice for the community, there's a lot of limitations from a business standpoint. We'll discuss this and see if there is a sensible way of implementing something like this, but there's a LOT of factors to consider here. I wouldn't get my hopes up on that, at least for now.


Anything you guys can tell us about your intentions for the future of the game would be acceptable in my opinion.

For me personally, just knowing that there are developers still working on a game with an intent to add or improve things makes me much more willing to invest my time energy and money into it!

@streumon-f8 yeah also no point in a roadmap if you havent quite figured out what you're going to do yet. Vermintide 2 (comparison comes up a lot so here it is again) has a roadmap that is now behind by like two months lol

That said, some input on whatever is coming if anything would be great. Or if you decide the game is at least DLC worthy based on sales, or not, or whatever, just would like to know eventually lol

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Maybe u could take Shadow_Ordo’s advice in mace of corswain post and buff armour pen and speed for the weapon and sell it to the console crew for some extra money to aid in hopeful future work.

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