World Cup Qualifying Coaches! (Working List)

Hi coaches!

As the qualifying tournaments begin to produce winners/WC ticket winners I've created this
thread for us to keep track of which coaches we will be seeing in this summers World Cup!

If you are an admin for a private league qualifier, or have heard of any winners please feel free
to let us know here & i'll start to compile the list. Many congratz to all coaches making the cut!!

0_1521626919720_BloodBowl_WC2018_FB_NOT APPROVED.jpg

Community Leagues

PC/Mac Community Leagues

PS4 Community Leagues

Xbox One Community Leagues

  • 0_1521641289091_INT.png FABBL - 2 tickets 0_1522242650473_FABBL_forum.png WON BY: Chelsea Zola & Drikk

Total Community Tickets = 52

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Champion Ladder Qualifiers


Season 14

  1. ducke
  2. Ungern
  3. Notorious Noob
  4. Crystal_Hunter

Season 15

  1. Debaser
  2. Wolfbanesons
  3. Spartako
  4. Velihopea


season 14 Winner Schod

season 15 Winner Bernie Buffon

Xbox One

season 14 Winner GnomeSlayer

season 15 Winner Drikk

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I won the DBBC qualifier 🙂

Top 3 were:
Jimmy Fantastic 6-0-0
Yaghul 5-0-1
Junior84 4-2-0

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Bit late but question.

What happens if a player qualifies in more than one way? By topping seasons 14 and 15, or by winning a community ticket and a champion ticket? It seems pretty likely as well that the hall of fame tournament could produce a match with a season champ or private league champ. How will the resulting extra tickets be distributed (I assume by going down the list on one of the above methods to a lower place, but which ones?)

The Beantown ticket was won by Mr Light!!!0_1527943742136_BBBsmall.png

The Xbox One winners are Chelsea Zola, and myself. ^^

@drikk said in World Cup Qualifying Coaches! (Working List):

The Xbox One winners are Chelsea Zola, and myself. ^^

In the FABBL League?


I won ReBBRL and Stryker OD won Windy City Warmonger

Coach Steave won the RPS cup.


Whats with the ridiculous 8 turn, one team recieves extra time penalties. Brain fart focus.

Coach Parmenion05 won in JOL

Coach Silsei won in Franco Bowl

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First Ticket from The Mad AcademY is for NerdFrog - Belgium (Won the Mad Cup)

Second Ticket is for Andyz - Italia (Won the Madster)

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Hello all,

From the ticket winners are Sengil89 and Tys123.

Cheers y'all and congrats to the winners!

Hello Netheos,

From BBTactics the ticket winners are Sengil89 and Tys123.

Cheers y'all and congrats to the winners!

(ps. this could be a double post as first one went for approval since it detected a URL in it)

TBBL ticket winner was aDant

Canard PC ticket is for Danakh !

Congratz to Chabxxu who won the Bloodbowl Québec World Cup Qualifier!