Need to give the user, unlimited potential to save their own progress on their own during campaign mode.

I have noticed during Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, that you try to command the Terminator to leave Defend Mode and then Follow near a door that you have closed, sometimes he will be disobedient, and not follow orders, but remains behind in front of the door, that you just closed.

On easy mode, it has collapsed three to four times during Chapter 2 during a heavy Genestealer onslaught during trying to shut down the systems to prevent more Genestealers from coming out and over running the Squad.

Did this happen on PS4 or PC?

On the PS4. This error message on 5/29/18 at 0922 hours, East Coast Time - U.S. It reads: "An error has occurred in the following application. (CE-34878-0). Space Hulk. Deathwing

Okay, thank you for the details.

Do you want us to Report the Problem through PS4? I always do.

If you can, that would help, yes. 👍

PlayStation error code CE-34878-0 On the PS4 pro game will freeze for seconds at a time randomly or just crash even when hosting a game