PS4 - Sprinting Needs Adjustment

I have been playing on the PS4, and one of my biggest quips would be the sprint button. It's being treated like a PC sprint button rather than a console sprint button, you have to hold L3 to continuously sprint, where most games "toggle" sprint until you stop moving. I'm not sure if this is something that is easily fixed, but it definitely has put stress on my left thumb when playing for a while compared to other fps games on the PS4.

Loving the game, been waiting since I heard it was coming out for the PC. Thanks for all your hard work bringing this gem to PS4.

To be honest, I hate it on PC too. My pinky gets tired. I'm getting too old for all this videogame sprinting.

@omegablackzero I agree, this is yet another point that champions the need for full custom button mapping in this and all games. Perplexes me why this simple to code function is still neglected in most games.

I play on pc using an xbox one controller and I really dislike the mandatory hold to sprint.

One of the community people responded another thread I posted in and advised that the devs would look into it.

I really hope that they change this soon as I haven't played since the EE came out for this reason 😞

@prophet why not play the more lore abiding, authentic NO sprinting experience whilst u wait for the changes? U can usually catch up coz everyones shooting stuff.