Inspiration from VtM/VtR

Was wondering if anyone knows whether the devs at dontnod ever mentioned taking inspiration from Vampire the Masquerade/ Vampire the requiem Tabletop rpg or the Bloodlines videogame. Lots of the things about Vampyr seem to take inspiration from a lot of the tabletop rpg lore in terms of its clans and disciplines.

I've not read nor heard anywhere where that they got their inspiration from the tabletop RPG games you mentioned.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if they have-- obviously a lot of research has gone into the game to make it an authentic London feel (AKA one of their teams going around London!), a somewhat flowing timeline with our known history therefore I would assume they have done more than required amount of work in researching Vampire and Gothic themed games ranging from tabletop to virtual games.

TL;DR - They probably did research on those games but never (as far as I can recall) officially stated it 😛