AFK Renown Bug / Becoming a huge problem

Too many users are using this method of leveling to boost their levels. Please consider making the games and matches require actual input to get leveling experience. I had a guy test this method and he gained 97 levels in a three day period. @StreumOn-F8 @StreumOnStudio

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Agreed, I think a hotfix is in order - Though they have been aware of it for a few days now as they replied to a forum post about it in general discussion. Hopefully they fix it soon. Just some quick fix at least so that you dont get exp if you dont clear any objectives.

I'd like to see a wipe because of this, after a fix and balance update perhaps. I wonder how the community would vote on that. Would you guys be upset because your progress is legit/you didn't use the bug so why do I get wiped, or would ya'll be happy to start over after the fix?

No. Not a chance I'm surrendering 70 levels of hard fought determined progress.

If stats were/are available, cheaters would be easy to identify.

I love this game and spent a lot of hours grinding out missions and earning what I thought was hard to attain items. I know maps like the back of my hand, every relic. This issue is currently ruining the game for me. I refuse to invest any more time because it completely takes away the value. EASY FIX! ADD AN AFK TIMER THAT DROPS FOR INACTIVITY! This needs to be resolved, and fast.

I mean look at this, over half the servers are afk farming. Are you guys even paying attention?