Fear The Wolves New Screenshots


The post-apocalyptic Battle Royale FPS enters the fray in 2018!

Survive the post-apocalyptic danger zone of Fear the Wolves, the upcoming competitive Battle Royale FPS by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R veterans, Vostok Games.

The game drops players, in squads or as lone wolves, into the oppressive environments of a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl. The classic Battle Royale mode forces them to fight to be the last man standing out of 100 fighters, while another to-be-unveiled mode brings an exciting twist to the genre.


To secure the top spot, players will need to worry about more than just other survivors. Across the hostile wastes, everyone is threatened by deadly anomalies and the dynamically-changing weather. With time wearing on and the day turning to dusk, survivors are forced to constantly adapt their strategies.

Protective gear allows players to explore dangerous off-limit radioactive zones inaccessible to less-equipped opponents - but filled with powerful loot. All the while, the howls of mutated creatures echo through the wasteland…


Further breaking the mold of the genre, every game is made truly unique by the irregular and unpredictable spread of deadly radiation, which organically closes in on players with different stages of toxicity.

Safety is rarely certain, and adept players will need to read the environment to determine when it is no longer wise to remain in an area. Between all this, other players, tight shooting mechanics, and an arsenal of guns and melee weapons at your disposal, no two matches are the same.


These new screenshots showcase some of the locales players will visit while scavenging for weapons and hunting other players, including factories, power plants, small towns, and villages. There is also an exclusive first look at the game’s mutant wolves - fearsome creatures that stalk the perimeters of radioactive zones, attacking players in packs and proving formidable foes for anyone not adequately armed.

More information will be revealed at E3 2018 next month, so stay tuned for more!

Fear the Wolves comes to PC in 2018, later on consoles. Early Access begins this summer on PC.


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I do not know how to play, but it visually looks like Survarium.

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Hola! are these game screenshots? not looks like.
it seems like a bad art.

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@Cardamon @iNebula Hello! These are screenshots. Have a nice day!

Running on Unreal Engine 4, I assume? Looking good!

@cland3stine said in Fear The Wolves New Screenshots:

Running on Unreal Engine 4, I assume? Looking good!

Yes it is, thanks!

@netheos I hope you guys make any testing sessions in the weekend , till far I havent got the chance to play it due to long hours work 😕

IDK why you made such filter, maybe to make it easier to add non existing wolf or something?

This game looks great! I can't wait for the release. You guys are doing a great job!

I am not into Battle Roayale much, I've tried PUBG and I unninstall that after few evenings (like 3-4) but being a big fan of Stalker, I will definitely try this game.
I am not sure about how much are those pictures touched by artist or how much are they a pure screenshots, but I really love their atmosphere...!

have they started testing for alpha yet? Have been waiting for a code but with no luck yet 😞

@Netheos @cardamon @inebula These are not screenshots. If they are they are screenshots that have been run through photoshop. This game is the biggest disappointment I have seen in closed beta's in a very long time. I've beta tested a ton of games over the past decade and this is by far the most misleading beta experience based on "content" that is being released. This game will fail like many others who thought deceiving the player base would get them sales. Both me and my friends who love shooters and were very excited for this game have spent less than 20 minutes on the game because of how bad it is. One of the most misleading experiences of my life in gaming. Maybe if the company didn't put out visually stunning "screenshots" and video of the gameplay and get our expectations up for no reason it would be tolerable. But it's not even close to what they give the impression it will be.