has anyone tested that we can make 5 accounts?

Ok I have 2 accounts I know of Kaiser and Coach jester... I may have a 3rd that I dont remember... but I know 100% I do not have 5 accounts
when I go to make a new account it says "maximum accounts for the CD key has been reached"

so can anyone tell me if the 5 accounts that are claimed to be able to make can be made? has some 1 ever made 4 or more?

also is here a way for me to find out what the possible 3rd account i have is? (and no i dont remember the email it is attached to)

its getting close to LE and want to start fresh please help

I had a similar issue when I downloaded LE Beta. I have Johnny Feyev and J5 Vs. The AI on BB2. When Undead Beta came out, I believe I used JohnnyFeyev for that (but with same email address) When LE 1st Beta came out, I was able to re-use JohnnyFeyev with the email address. When LE Beta 2 came out, it allowed me to use JohnnyFeyev again, but it wouldn't let me use my same email address saying maximum number of accounts for email address. I know somewhere else on the forums they said in the future we should be able to delete accounts.

yeah i think the beta has made some problems with the extra accounts, i hope when LE is out that they delete the beta and all accounts attached to it

They have stated that the Beta teams will not carry over. Since the DLC is showing (but not active) on my normal BB2 Steam install my guess would be that the accounts will probably evaporate as well.

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