Constant freezing and host disconnection

I love the game. I bought a copy on my ps4 and want to support what you guys are doing. But my game is constantly freezing, crashing or im getting disconnected from host. If I manage to complete a level with people I am playing with, with out getting disconnected or frozen upon running across a door, then Its a miracle. I mean its ridiculous because I find myself holding my breath every time im joining a squad. please is there any fix for this? or is there one coming to the ps4. please and thank you.

Ive been getting a lot of crashes and disconnections like peeps are pressing a kick button. I’d say, host your own game to make it more stable maybe?

PlayStation error code CE-34878-0

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Thats what I have resorted too. That way I can actually make it to the end of a game.

Even when I’m hosting a game it still freezes on my PS4 pro and crashes with the same error message