Avatar on Homepage is bugged!
  • It seems the Avatar is not working properlyy. It bugs out and changes Picture randomly to another even when confirming and Saving with new Picture. It chooses a random one from my Thumbnails from Steam...

    PLEASE HAVE A LOOK! in spare time of course!

  • Community Manager

    HI, I guess you're talking about the forum avatars. Moving the topic to the Focus forum section.

    We didn't detected any issue with avatar on our side. It's a pretty odd bug. Have you tried reseting your temporary files with CTRL + F5?

  • Hey Netheos ;-)

    no i havent... and yes i ment the Avatar from the Forum (sry...). It seems that sometimes it chooses a Thumbnail from Steam automatically. It shows the one you selected at first. but when you save your Picture it shows the Thumbnail ^^ lol

    I tried it yesterday again, and it is changed now again...


  • @ROIBR

    Nice your little trick worked out 4 me!

    Thnx m8

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