Weapon additions

How about Cyclone Launchers and chainfists for options? Even the small chance of the ancient twin auto cannon that is more commonly seen on Chaos/Renegade Terminators but was originally a very early Codex armament. It could be found in an arms storage in one of the ships?

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@steakboy1 Give me some history on the Cyclone Launchers as well as the Chainfists?

@skube the chainfist was originally implemented by the Blood Angels on their 2nd and most glorious revenge obtaining clash with the Genestealers which is commonly known from the original Sin of Damnation campaign from the original Space Hulk board game. Just like Tactical Dreadnought Armour in general, it had been adapted from general work suits used in the harshest environments. The chainfist was used in the demolition and salvage of hulls etc, but was considered perfect for opening up the heavy bulkhead doors and blast shutters that were commonly found on Space Hulks and which proved disastrous on the original foray against the xenos. The Cyclone Launcher has been used as a standard battlefield heavy support addition since the early times when the Adeptus Astartes chapters started adopting Tactical Dreadnought Armour in large numbers and regular loadout options for their 1st Company and also for minor and major heroes and their command squads. There are a few vague inferences as to exactly when but nothing concrete that I can recall. I’m sure that there would be some more specific details on when they were first fielded. It was originally only an option for a full ten man tactical loadout Terminator squad to fire barrages of frag missiles to soften up large formations of infantry before getting Krak missiles in later updates from Chapter Approved in White Dwarf magazine. Hope that satiates ur hunger

We want the captain class also with a grenade launcher on the power fist!

yeah i also thought BA`s were the first wearing Chainfists aswell.

But that incident with them against Genestealers is 40k right?!
Just came back from Vacation and have read some more 30k Horus Heresy. Well, who thought that a certain Smurf Marine in Terminator Armor rips through Heretics with his Chainfist before Breakfast 🤣 😂

But, we all know that Warhammer has a few things which dont add up if u read the whole Series...
NEVER THOUGHT Smurf Marines can fight for real 😱

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@roibr interesting! You are correct about the “newer” additions of older historical lore in that they like to omit certain things and add others that contradicts. It’s happened since 2nd edition and the total expunging of Squats and anything even mentioning them. (And I had just amassed quite a formidable army of them too)
Heavily contradicts the lore given in multiple sources of the history of Tactical Dreadnought Armour variants and STC patterns. Although having a custom chainfist wouldn’t be unrealistic though. Just requires a voluntary hazy patch be inserted in ones memory. Is what it is though I guess.


Squats are the Space Dwarfs right? I wish they would be still Cannon, but yeah, cant have all right... 😢
Can u upload some Pics of ur Army? wonder how they look. I only now them from Warhammer Comic Series, which i cant remember the name though... There are only a couple of them in the INternet, like Black templar, Blood Angel and probably the coolest was a Psyker Chic wich landed on Commoragh in the Arena, later on iun the Webway. If i remeber correctly she met a Squat somewhere inbetween fleeing from everyone ^^

BTW, the Chainfist of this said Smurf Captain was The Honoured Book. I only bought the 2 Additions of Know no Fear, (The Hounoured and The Unburdened) because i bought the Newer Comic Novel of 30k i think 2 years back.
Which is painted fkn nicely, but very short which makes it way, way too expensive for what u get. But alone the paintings of the Warp makes it worth?! Not sure, but still nice to have.

Yeah, i have to read HH and then i will MOST DEFINETLY GET ALL the DARK ANGELS stuff. I hope they bring out a Lion Book like for the Scars and Vulkan etc.

@roibr ok I found a small box that had unfinished, new acquisitions, rescue projects and assorted models to be added but it gives a wide assortment of the models that were available.!!0_1536556652627_90A07103-0DA8-4253-A196-496FBB6C5E02.jpeg ![0_1536556637400_46DA7C70-799D-4B57-A837-993EE1DA8EBD.jpeg](/assets/uploads0_1536556790684_08AF814C-8B7B-4BFD-8A04-0413BB56BECB.jpeg 0_1536556752388_F9CF7E4A-C1D2-4CE4-94F7-B82261E5B05F.jpeg 0_1536556715489_6D58530F-740D-4FE8-9701-D38E7006AE27.jpeg 0_1536556684320_53AC5DF4-B980-48FA-B33E-885B91CDEBA3.jpeg /files/1536556642610-46da7c70-799d-4b57-a837-993ee1da8ebd-resized.jpeg)0_1536556861388_223DD6B0-5646-49AB-BB3B-599D231FEE15.jpeg

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Holy MOly ^^


Save urselfs...

How can they get rid of such awesomeness!

They have Chainswords anbd Plasma and all the goodies

NOw i wanna see Squats Terminator DLC, u heard Focus 🤣 😂

And yes,

would be neat!

@roibr actually they are called Exo Armour. Based on Terminator/Power Armour. The Squats were awesome, heavy weapon squads with ten Heavy Bolters! And one of the only races able to wield Bolters as standard weapons. Their lore touts them as being descended from the original human exploration before the Age of Darkness and they were living primarily on high gravity mining planets and thus slowly evolved to be diminutive but powerful and extremely tough. I had about 6 armies either being amassed or currently played when they were still lore approved and would have loved to keep using and modernising them like the other races, but they were expunged almost overnight without a word of why from absolutely anyone! Rumours flew but in the end they weren’t coming back. I actually updated their old army listing to work with 4th Edition and used them a handful of times with a bunch of mates.

@roibr And a small squad of Chaos Squats there too!