Drawing the line on the Multiplayer setting

I notice that the developer mention that they are planning add the Insurgency’s playlist setting. But I was hoping I could take a different approach from the previous two titles. For one, I was hopping there would be a multiplayer in-game setting that allows players to change exactly whatever setting we want to make in-game before we start our match. You know when you play a multiplayer console game of say, “Timesplitters” or “Super Smash Bros.”, players are free to chance whatever game mode/settings they want. For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m referring to this multiplayer UI from below.


Before anyone ask. No, I don’t want to have a Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch game mode added to sandstorm. This is a game where it has a heavy emphasis of completing specific objectives and it not about mindless slaughter.

My questions I want to ask for the community is what game setting do you want to see get implemented and what would you want to do with it?

Given the nature that NWI want to make sure that we are playing the official game mode and a player progression system being implemented (it similar to Day of Infamy). If we were to dictate what counts as the official experience or not, where do we draw the line on this?

For instance, if I were to remove explosive devices, RPG, MG, Fire support and Grenade Launchers, it would not ruin the Insurgency experience. Hence, I should get experience points playing the custom game mode. Truth be told. No, it not fun getting pinned by RPG and I want to ensure that neither side has the big unfair advantage without breaking the official experience. Hell, these are the setting I wouldn’t mind if the dev did made some exception on what setting we are free to change and the other setting that are the big “no no”.

Here another example. I could play the firefight game mode, but have an “Infinite Wave” enable in-game where we always respawn upon death. We keep respawning until all objectives are captured or when the timer ends. I would get no experience point whatsoever because that was not the intended way to play in the first place.

As long as there a way to tell if the server I’m playing on is meant to offer the official experience or not, I wouldn’t mind having the multiplayer setting in-game.

Let’s hope there will be a multiplayer UI setting build up for console when the dev begin to port the game to PS4/Xbox One. It wouldn’t be that much of a hassle if NWI were willing to do it. Did anyone remember that Smash Bros. ever had a ‘theater system’ you can configure using the .cfg/.init? I don’t think so.

I agree with this statement will come in use

i have a key question,
would this divide the community even more?

@alilolo Yes.

If there was a way to see what type of changes they made to the game setting. It would avoid the confusion between deterring if it the vanilla to custom game mode.