Perks at a glance + spelling n grammar.

I hardly tried all these perks so maybe I shouldnt write this but looking at a glance I feel

  • ‘Adamantium’ could be like 66%.

  • ‘Machine Spirit’ needs to be 60% and maybe cut gun jams by 50% as well.

  • ‘Executioner’ might be more appealing at 15%

  • ‘Slayer of Beasts’ perk could be 20% ?

  • ‘Blessed Blood’ could be given to Psyker aswell to make him more interesting in MP and for lone wolves. Sort of healing from meditation.

  • new perk : Apothecary : ‘Brain Surgeon’ obviously headshots rather than arms n legs.

  • i think ‘Reliability Module’ should be either/or with ‘High Capacity Magazine’ coz the jams are part of the game and everyone who levels up will just never jam. Unless they choose to unequip, which people probably wouldn’t.
    Edit: sorry I didn’t see the graphic stat bar n just read the description that sounded like it completely deletes gun jams.

Spelling etc.
The word ‘energy’ is misspelled in Belial’s starting speech on chapter 9 of campaign I think it might be Chapter8 . Summit like ’Engergy’.

‘Activation’ description’s grammar is wrong imo: ‘Active a force field’.

I’ve said this twice before but it doesn’t get changed even tho it seems easy to adjust. I pointed it out twice before release: which is: inconsistency of Adornments Capital letters:

As written in Customisation part of the game:

  • Cooldown Reducer Adornments
  • Effect reducer adornments
  • Effect boost adornments
  • Armour passive adornments

I believe they should all have starting capital letters!
Maybe I’m crazy but it’s annoying me 🤪😭😵 and would look better.


What do people who got all these perks think?

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If you implemented my ‘Deathwish Rules’ idea, back in my ‘Stratagems blah blah blah’ post, then ‘Machine Spirit’ perk would be very desirable coz it’d take bloody years to open/lock doors n hack stuff 🧐

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There is also capital letters missing from a lot of stuff. Such as the Heavy Perk "War Machine" actually reading "War machine" in-game.

Leaves a rather... sloppy, impression.

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