Suggestion for immersion and "fixes"

@kommodore77 or chainfisted through!! On the puzzle aspect, I respectfully vomit in my pressure sealed helmet. (If anything, relatively light as problem solving is one thing on a battlefield but deep thought is a job for the brains trust in their ‘behind the lines’ climate controlled catered location. The razor’s edge must be used accordingly and in reality, taking the time to brainstorm in groups or consider possibilities, other than tactical planning on an emergency scale is strictly not a soldiers duty. That is generally an upper echelon pre planning task which has been trained into the units deployed. Although I do agree with the gist of your post brother!🤙🏻

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In terms of Voldo’s proposed Psyker skill ‘Force Dome’ I’d maybe copy Destiny’s Titan bubble which sounds similar.

@kommodore77 or like the force field generator from Battlefront!

to the first 3 thing i would make them like friendly fire toggable

number 4 sounds very much like my taste i said it my self the game needs to play more with light and shadows but i would not overdo it a light here and there wont hurt xD

number 6 is again a thing where i have to ask where is our fucking voip this alone would make the game more tactical with comunication ffs

one class for door stuff in public gaming? ......... not a good idea if you ask me if you got an idiot then as tech good luck babe 😉

i agree totally with number 7 oh yeah this game needs more sound i said it my self soud is such a power think about horror games make it dark and play some creepy sounds boom it works make weapons sound like weapons bam it rocks baby thats why the only thing i really like about battlefield1 the sound is amazing you really think you are on a battlefield
make stealers scream more make brothers scream back make the weapons scream make the space hulk scream it would be great

overall very nice post in my opinion