Engine braking not working in reverse?

Engine braking. It is a useful weapon in the arsenal of driving big lumber trucks downhill. It's very useful when just exploring those out of the way areas on the maps. Sometimes the truck will want to slide down a steep incline, wheels locked up with the brakes, out of control. Selecting low 1 allows the truck to descend the hill nice and slowly, and you can still steer (important!). However, this only appears to work when going forwards. Selecting low reverse seems to allow the truck to freewheel backwards thus causing much panic and frantic mashing of the xbox One controller!😨 😱 😖

Please can this be passed on to the devs for examination and a possible update?

@difflock66 I've realized this too, not sure why its like that. I remember when I first played mudrunner, you could select reverse low, as 1st works, like the 3 settings for speed, seems its gone now. regardless, guys like you and i like when the game gets challenging

do i want a challenge? yes, but a broken feature or control? no.

for me the game was bad enough to have lost brakes when using force accel, now this. i have played this game for years (spintires/mudrunner) and for once i am finally getting tired of this type of stuff. funny how some things get reported and fix fairly quickly, yet from release (9 months ago) i reported the force accel/no brake problem. last time i played it still had not been fixed.

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@8up-local good morning 8up. For now, could you try using the parking brake? I understand what youre talking about, maybe we can bring this to the dev's attention?

@1967deuce i just go into neutral or i dis-engage force accel, which works, but is not the fix for the problem. the brake issue has been brought to the devs attention from my understanding and usually i say wait and see what happens, but after this long i am about to give up on it.


Playing on PC with Steam Controller and everything looks fine with C-375. When i go down hill with reverse, i can turn wheels and truck is not raising any speed. It behaves as expected with trigger buttons or with manually selected from three options of speed on first gear.

Or, maybe im late and it has been fixed with recent update 🙂

Good day!

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response here, I'm passing this on to the team for further investigation again, I'm sorry that it's persisted for this long.