Accuracy and recoil module in same weapon

Im leveling Heavy Class, mi doubt is:

Can i use at the same time, the accuracy module and the recoil module?

No, I believe they're different versions of the same attachment (barrell)

Recoil is probably your best bet.

Link is correct you can only use one upgrade per catagory
I like the accuracy barrel for auto cannon, as player skill (mouse control) can mitigate the recoil once you get used to it.
All others I suggest damage barrel, can tap fire to snipe even with Mk.II

I highly suggest target highlighter optic also

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Ok, i will buy only one and save points.

Accuracy module is the winner for me.

I installed, but i don´t see much difference with or with out accuracy module.


If using assault cannons, recoil is the better option. Bolts may fire straight but they'll only go were the cannon is pointed.

the truth is you dont need any of them put in the dmg barrel and good ...................