Minimum reqs-ran Witcher 3, will it be OK for Vampyr?

I'm not tech-savvy, and I have a bootcamped mac laptop (which is not so mainstream in gaming world I guess 🙂 ) so I wonder if my computer can safely run Vampyr on minimum requirements! I don't care about the graphics, but the story.
I ran Witcher 3 & DA Inquisition just fine, but this is a newer game.
I have 8 GB RAM, 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz) [basic CPU is bit low but my games work fine on Turboboost I guess] and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M...

@evelynne said in Minimum reqs-ran Witcher 3, will it be OK for Vampyr?:

GeForce GT 650M

Here are the minimum specs as per the Vampyr Steam page:
alt text

I believe you will be able to play Vampyr but possibly not with 60fps stable-- it won't hurt to try the game out. As long as you do not play more than two hours you can get a refund!