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I'm new to your forums but in the general discussion page about Vampyr, I've seen a lot of silence coming from you guys, specially from very important questions here and in the stream. Why's that? I've already seen like 4 hrs of gameplay and. I've seen there is no gore in the killings so my question is why is that?

Personally I believe that their main goal was to bring a realistic feel to London with a really good narrative of a fictional story. Adding gore, limbs flying around and such can really destroy that immersion.

I am fan of Witcher myself but being honest with you, I sometimes loose the 'feel' when I split the guy in half for the 100th time. In my opinion it's not worth the resources to create gore.

In addition, it can also create issues with being banned in other countries because they are too 'sensitive.' Obviously none of these are official statements by the Developers anywhere, it's just my 2 cents on the issue 😛

It's unbelievably shady that this game comes out tomorrow and there not answering these questions. This forum is linked from the games site and they just ignore all the important questions??
I'm sooo disappointed about this. I've been following this game for a while and was looking forward to it but for now I won't touch this game, I have a very bad feeling about it. They should of had a Dev answering these questions daily but at the very least somebody from the media dept for the company. I've seen $10 games roll out better then this and there charging AAA price, very shady!!

Strongly agree, Combat should be and can be improved without destoying the immersion, not talking about blowing up or dismembering everyone, it would be great to add some atlist easy executions or small combos with nice ending, to create the feel of achieving something in a fight. (there is some with your powers but its far not enough)

The problem is that you might get bored just slicing,shooting or holding with a dark fog a bad guy. So you get tired of combat and more focus on a story wich is great. But there is many people who care about combat aswell.🗡

Have played the game for about 20 hours already and can say the combat is brutal and satisfying, nothing beats throwing a blood spear to finish of an enemy and see his blood splatter across the cobblestone ground.

Eh yeessss. Smoother or longer combos or like a nice transition attack with the weapon swap would feel great. Executions and Gore would be cool be seem out of touch. Maybe if you could toggle it on and off. But really just making it so there was a bit more than the the 3 swings from the main attack and the one off hand attack would be cool. That our just smoothing out what's there. Either way, minor minor grioes from me. The combat is solid and a fun reprieve from the story/world elements.

Lol. Still no answers. Just incredible...