Vote for wipe after exploit fix

Please do not post information on the exploit, I don't want to be encouraging it's use, but I am curious how people would vote on a wipe after the exploit is fixed.

Would ya'll be upset "I didn't use the exploit so why do I have to start over?"
or would ya be happy to start fresh once the xp system has been reworked?

Any suggestions other then a wipe to resolve the issue? Is it even an issue?

I don't care about the exploiters, so I certainly don't want to get wiped.

Not an issue since it isn't a competitive PVP game.

@jab all told it’s a co-op game so I’d rather the squadies be well equipped, it’ll be experience in dealing with their equipment on the foe that they will eventually learn. If it was PvP I’d agree as then there is an unfair advantage. There isn’t, and rightly so, a ranking system so it shouldn’t have a competitive feel about it, so anyone getting their nose out of joint needs to relax and play a co-op game with the spirit they are designed for - mutual co-operation and enjoyment. If that annoys people, I’m sure they can find a PvP game out there that they can stooge their team mates for points just to bolster their online persona and ego. 😉

@steakboy1 I don't see anything productive in deriding people for desiring a system free from exploits like that. Wanders away from the point. Maybe I do need to clarify I'm talking about the afk exploit. There's no connection between AFK farming and stooging team mates for points.

In my opinion we needed a fix for this a week ago. I don't know if that would have kept the reviews from falling (they're mixed now), because there's also the extreme balance issues, but this afk exploit should have been an easy hot fix. I could of fixed it in an hour if I had access to the code. It takes more time then that to get an update published, but I feel like the time's up after seeing the falling reviews and Australians reporting the company for not giving refunds they're entitled to by law.

Not looking good and I really want this game to live to see fixes and balance updates even an expansion or sequel. The devs idleness on this matter is most perturbatory.

@jab maybe it’s because written text doesn’t convey tone or emotive intent, but there was no deriding anyone in particular, as has been said before, insult is implied not intended. I still mean 100% of what I stated, if you take offence to that, I can’t control how you read it, only an explanation of the way it is intended. You did ask people’s opinions and I plainly gave it. Nowhere did I target anyone and as in our previous conversing, I again stated that my humour means no ill will or harm. Possibly an indicator of this might be the smiley face at the end of the post. You are also confusing the ratings and the obviously misread story posted by 1 Australian about a refund but that is because of the legislation here, in no way does it pertain to involve a minor xp farming exploit. Please do your homework properly before lumping all and sundry behind your personal gripe with a bug that only affects people being salty because of a teammates artificial level. Just sit back, relax have a coke and a smile coz it is what it is, and there ARE more serious bugs to be prioritised I’m sure many will agree. 😉

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Hey Jab, are you playing on PS4 or PC?


Punish everyone would the stuppiest adjustment i could imagine about the exploit.
If some peoples cheated or exploited, up to the developpers to punish them by reseting their progress.
As long as there's no pvp, i don't feel it's an issue.
And honestly, seeing a character with an incredible lvl while the player act like a 6 y.o. kid, and play like a braindead headless chicken : it's hilarious.


Agreed. Played with a level 197 yesterday that last 30 seconds on No Mercy lol

@link000 makes my measly level 6 feel inadequate 😂

No level is inadequate, as long as you proudly fight for the empr'ah !
And i've already seen (too?) many low level guys playing and succeeding far better than bigger ones.
I know u know, but it's always good to say it.

As @tontonub basically said @steakboy1, it's what you can do that counts, not what what you look like. Had a game yesterday and despite being level 70 myself, it was a level 2 Apothecary that prevented us from failing the mission after the other 3 of us went down!

Instead of worrying about players who've figured out how to exploit the system, I'm left wondering why the developers thought a system that rewarded renown (think about what that word means) for doing literally nothing was a good idea. No shots fired & not even any movement through the mission. In all honesty if a squad hasn't recovered any relics or completed any objectives the amount of renown gained for kills only should be very minimal. No kills, no relics & no mission objectives = a big zero for renown. Please try again. Think about it, a space marine doesn't build his fame just by showing up to the battle, but that's the system we have now.

@link000 totally agree, it was really a tongue in cheek comment (might be a pattern here) as I’ve put zero hours into multiplayer and only levelled in the special missions so far as I’m very time poor unfortunately, major work commitments. I get lots of short ‘free time’ breaks but too little long stints to put in good sessions atm. Hopefully when this contract is finished I can get stuck in to aerating Xeno teeth/claw bags.

i dont get it first you say you are curious then you talk about an issue ............ about some things you just shouldnt think thats all