Ps4 performance update?

The ps4 port of this game in it's current state is terrible. The game is clunky and unresponsive with long load times and it has the lighting, textures, and audio of a ps2 game. Is there gonna be an update to fix this?

There is! We're working at the same pace on PS4 and PC, but the approval process for patches is different on PS4, so we'll release fewer but bigger patches on PS4 than on PC.

What I would like to know is why did you release the game knowing it wasn't running correctly? Us warhammer 40k fans are loyal and patient we would rather wait for a complete game rather than struggle just to finish one mission. I'm very disappointed and have every right to be since I spent my hard earned money on your game. There's no excuse for the game to be released with textures not rendering, constant lagg or freezing, connection errors, and the UI for servers doesn't even work properly. The sad part is that there's more but I don't want to keep writing that long. I would like a straight answer when this will be fixed instead of we have to wait because Sony takes longer to approve a patch. Give me a ETA when the patch will be complete and one for when Sony will approve it. You owe us that much for supporting your company even though the game is completely broken. I feel like I have been lied to and taken advantage of just for money and that really pisses me off! Lastly don't tell me to uninstall and unplug my PS4 PRO because that's a load of crap and doesn't do anything!