Sell me the Game

Yeah IDK how anyone in there right mind can pre-order a game they know absolutely nothing about.

@otterz I believe its called the fever dreams

@otterz I mean, there's certain games (And companies) where I'd do (Or have done) that without hesitation. When XCOM2, Endless Space 2 and Total Warhammer 2 were put up for pre-order, I did in those three cases without even hesitating, because I knew I'd be getting updated all along the way, and I had faith in the studios doing the work.

The big elephant in the room for preordering BFG2 is, of course, Tindalos. Make no mistake, I loved the game, and as I'm not a multiplayer guy, the huge imbalances didn't bother me much. However, for the multiplayer crowd, that part of the game was never fixed. And something both sides of the community were forced to suffer was the year and a half of "something is coming", while refusing to give any information.

I feel like a pre-order could make sense if there was better community management from Tindalos, but as of yet, definitely doesn't make sense to preorder.

@Romeo I suppose the main difference is that both TWW1 and XCOM 1 were complete, good, fun games on their own. Well, to be fair, TWW1 started off a bit weak for my taste, but by the end it was something really enjoyable. Whereas BFG:A never really lived up to its potential, and so its not as if I can pre-order just because of how much I liked the original.

I think it's pretty clear that Tindalos are aware of this fact (which is why they offer the larger discount if you own BFG:A1), and yet they have done next to nothing to show us what they plan to do about it.

@otterz YOU might know nothing about it 😃

@duderface Its called Faith, dirty heretic.

Sorry, but I can not have "Faith" for such pathology like selling a pig in a poke, again.

@caliger_reborn said in Sell me the Game:

@duderface Its called Faith, dirty heretic.

Man, your faith is easy to get. How many cults have you joined? Be honest.