[BUG] Black screen during matches

Now and then during a match the game screen goes black and it happens just once in a single match. Normally the solution is to press ESC and it's fine after that but today it happened just before the coin toss and it turns out pressing ESC means playing on defense. I did not want to play on defense because it was Overtime.

Sometimes it happens just before kick-off events or after injury/KO or pass animations. Is there a way how to prevent this? And is there some other solution besides pressing ESC key? Today it cost me a chance to play in the final in a private league.

I have been told by other people in the same league that it has happened to them as well, so I'm not alone in this. Please help if you can.

Thanks and it happens in BB2 standard edition (not LE).

Dump files on WeTransfer as per instructions: https://we.tl/C1K7GEkIkI

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I will ensure that the Focus / cyanide team are aware, however they are going to be very busy with BBLE go live this week.

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