Please give us back the earlier good PC graphics

Remember when Deathwing looked like this?
Youtube Video

Or this?
Youtube Video

Or this?
Youtube Video

(And thats a set of crappy downsampled youtube uploads I did, mostly because my pipe couldn't handle the full res captures)

In making this game "console-ready" - along with accommodating people with potatoes and those who can't configure their rigs - you've taken nearly all the visual flash, brilliance, sumptuousness and depth out of the game.

I play it today and it seems like a flat, washed out shadow of its former self.

PLEASE - for those of us with sorted rigs who are able to run this game PLEASE give us back whatever engine settings and visual options you can so that we can dial it back up to 11.

I played this game on day 1 of its release, never had a problem, and while yes it had bugs and yes other people had problems getting it to run, BY THE EMPEROR did it look AMAZING!


TLDR: Gained Stability, and potato-ability. Gained console-ability. LOST visual splendor. give PC players options back if possible

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Hi, sorry if you feel this way but there hasn't been any graphical downgrade since release.

Would you have a footage of the game today with the same settings? To have a tool for comparison. Thanks!

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